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Hi my name is Andrea Darby, I am a certified Workplace Trainer with Qualification: TAE40104.
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
Training & Assessment Cert No: 17983

Please note that some Australian trainers are providing courses to students with outdated training qualifications always insist on seeing a trainers current valid certificate for TAE40104.

Andrea Darby International Master Trainer

Andrea Darby - Master Trainer at Permanent International Congress Berlin 2012

In November 2012 I was invited to appear as one of the Master Lecturers to over 200 of the worlds leading practitioners at the Permanent International Congress in Berlin 2012. The invitation for me to present at the congress was in recognition of the exceptional services I provide here in Melbourne Australia and it was my honour to be the only trainer invited to represent Australia at the prestigious event and my formal recognition as an elite International Master Trainer.

Certified Workplace Trainer

I declare that this event is in Compliance with the Training Standards Guidelines

I am now offering an exiting new course with a revolutionary online multimedia theory component for those who wish to embark on a career in Cosmetic Tattooing (commonly referred to as Permanent Makeup).

When purchasing any training course you should look for the most comprehensive and relevant content with the best value for money. You just found it!

NB. Some unskilled trainers are only capable of providing trainees limited education using a single device and often only use a single needle or a narrow range of needles, my trainees are provided comprehensive training using the full needle range.

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The Module 1 introductory theory course will be your first step towards obtaining your qualifications in Cosmetic Tattooing & will cover the majority of the theory required for completion of your full diploma course.

NB. Approved training using the Amiea Linelle Supreme is now being provided exclusively in Australia by Andrea. Caution: No other trainer in Australia is currently licensed by us to provide approved Amiea digital training, beware of unlicensed courses and providers who are not able to offer full product support.

Below is how the full Diploma Course is provided;

Diploma in Cosmetic Tattooing

Click here for a Course Overview & Pricing Brochure

Design and Perform Cosmetic Tattoo (Micropigmentation) Procedures

Module 1 (Certificate) - Cosmetic Tattooing Theory for Consultant Aestheticians
The purpose of Module 1 is to provide Aestheticians already working in the field of Beauty Therapy or those considering a career in Cosmetic Tattooing;

  • An introduction to Cosmetic Tattooing.

  • The theory of Cosmetic Tattooing prior to commencing the practical training.

  • Self directed equipment practice prior to commencing the practical training.

  • The knowledge required to provide general information to clients who may be considering Cosmetic Tattooing procedures.

Module 1 is being offered online via an 'Accelerated Interactive Vocational Education Program©' or CT-AIVEP™ for short. This course has been designed to have the look and feel of a traditional book with interactivity & multimedia (the first of its kind).

Module 2-5 (Diploma) - Cosmetic Tattooing Practical Training & Final Assessment

Modules 2-5 each contain a short online theory component plus a full day of supervised practical training for each module in your salon, yes I will come to you!

NB. Depending on the state and region that you will be practicing in your local health regulations may require that you hold the qualification SHBBINF001, HLTINF005 or HLTIN402C (now superseded) or an equivalent, please ensure that you check your local licensing requirements before offering skin penetration services in your specific location.

Become an Elite Member - is an International Membership directory for Cosmetic & Medical Tattooists which offers a broad range of services including free educational articles.

All of our graduating students receive 12 months free Elite Membership at valued at $99 so that they can promote their new business and potential new clients can find them easily.

No other training service provides this to their students!

Registrations for Module 1 are now being taken, be quick because placements are limited. Contact me for further information.

Prior to enrolling in a Permanent Makeup training course you should insist on seeing a comprehensive syllabus of the course content so that you know that the course has been compiled professionally, if the course provider refuses to provide a syllabus then its probably because either they don't have one or its deficient.

My procedural doctrine was audited by an Registered Health Practitioner, any changes to equipment or procedures are re-audited by my health advisor who has 30 years of formal qualification and extensive experience in Clinical Procedures, Accident & Emergency, Occupational Health & Safety, Health Education, Infection Prevention and is a former St Johns Ambulance Honorary Lecturer.

Many of the Cosmetic Tattoo training service providers in Australia have no formal qualifications in any health discipline nor do they have any in house or any on site direct supervision by a Registered Health Practitioner and yet they may claim the capacity to teach students about anatomy and physiology, health preclusions & contraindications and infection control. Some might even illegally suppling scheduled anaesthetics in contravention of the therapeutic goods act and with little or no comprehension of the safe usage of those products. Some of the students of those service providers in turn branch out offering new training services by copying bits and pieces of information cherry picked in a piecemeal fashion from a variety of sources without the direct involvement by a qualified Registered Health Practitioner.

I believe that we provide the most comprehensive training package currently available in Australia so much so that others may try to imitate us, we offer a reward to anyone who provides verifiable information about breaches of our course copyright that leads to a prosecution for copyright infringement. If you think our course material is being used elsewhere contact us and register for your reward.

Andrea is the the only trainer in Australia who has undergone intensive training with the manufacturer on the full range of Amiea machines and needles don't be misled into paying for unauthorised training on an Amiea device.

Training In Scalp Tattooing

Most providers of this type of service are achieving poor quality results, I have been asked to provide corrective services for a number of clients with poor quality outcomes that were provided by Cosmetic Tattoo trainers who are actually training others to replicate their poor quality results. If you intend on providing this service why not do the right thing by your clients and enrol in our course and learn how to perform the service properly?

After 5 years of extensive research and the review of over 200 clinical and scientific publications we recently launched our Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation Tattooing™ (SHFST™) course, we confidently say this is the most comprehensive course available globally in SHFST™.


Cosmetic Tattooists - if you are you interested in becoming an instructor of our CT-AIVEP™ course, click here for more details. Also qualified Cosmetic Tattooists who would like to improve their standard of procedural hygiene I offer 1/2 day and full day certificated training courses that can be tailored to your needs.

Models - Would you like to be a model for student training? Click here to register.

Cosmetic Tattooing (permanent makeup) is a long lasting procedure, I advise any person who is considering any form of Cosmetic Tattooing to ensure that the procedure is performed by an accredited specialist. Also you should ask to see the salons current local health authority  certificate of registration for skin penetration procedures. Why take a risk with your health?


Andrea Darby
International Master Trainer:
Cosmetic & Medical Tattooist
Medical Camouflage Makeup Specialist

For Further Information Phone: 0423 230 740

Cosmetic Tattoo / Permanent Makeup


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