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Seniors Card holders, valid Health Care Card holders & Alopecia sufferers
Are entitled to (approximately) 15% discount on standard cosmetic tattooing procedures

Subject to the following reasonable conditions

  • The client must advise that they have Alopecia or are a seniors card / healthcare card holder at the time of booking.

  • The client must be a genuine card holder & produce a valid, current card at the time of payment.

  • Both the first and second treatment must be paid for in full at the time of the first treatment.

  • Discounts do not apply to corrective services, refresh treatments or any single procedures.

  • Discount is approximate and fee may be rounded up or down slightly after applying discount to original price.

  • Full original price will apply and discount will be null and void in the event of any partial refunds.



  Lash Enhancement
  Eye Liner Top and or Bottom
  Lip Line, Lip blend or Full Lip
  Beauty Spot

I use single use sterile disposable needles and wherever possible single use sterile disposable medical supplies in all procedures.

Needles are NEVER reused. Always ask to see a salons current local health authority certificate of registration for skin penetration procedures.
Why take a risk with your health?

My Salon is equipped with the latest luxury electrically operated recliner lounge, no more climbing up onto couches. The hydraulically operated chair adjusts position at the click of a button so if you have a back problem or other functional impairment your comfort is well catered for during the procedure.

I even provide an electric blanket to keep you warm if needed during the procedure.


My Philosophy: Because it is a long lasting procedure (months to years) I do my very best to provide clients with the information that they need to make an informed choice about Cosmetic Tattooing. My philosophy is simple I want all my clients to feel comfortable, safe, and happy with the finished result of their chosen procedure.


Andrea Darby - Specialist Cosmetic Tattooist

For an Appointment Phone: 0423 230 740

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 Private, Hygienic, Comfortable, Safe, Relaxed & Friendly Cosmetic Tattooing Services.

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