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My Salon: All bookings are strictly by appointment, that way I am able to dedicate the time to each client to provide a truly personalised cosmetic tattooing service. I want all my clients to feel comfortable, safe and happy with the finished result of their chosen procedure without feeling hurried or rushed.

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Medical Questionnaire:

Prior to commencing your procedure a medical questionnaire is completed & a relaxed discussion over a cuppa about your individual needs.

A procedure is tailored for each client.

After all you are unique!


Here are some answers to questions that you may have about my Salon;

Q - Does your Salon comply with health regulations?

A - Yes, we have approval from the local health authority & are subject to regular inspections. I meet, and in many instances exceed, the relevant state and local health guidelines.

Before you undergo any form of cosmetic tattooing it is imperative that you ask to see the salons current certificate of registration for skin penetration / tattooing procedures.

It is important to note that just because a salon has local health approvals for general beauty therapy services does not necessarily mean that they have approval for cosmetic tattooing procedures, always insist on seeing the certificate of registration. Why take unnecessary risks with your health?

Our Hand Wash Station:

Complete with 'hands free' auto-sensor taps and auto-sensor soap dispenser.

The ultimate in procedural hygiene is provided for your protection.

Why accept anything less?

Q - Will you travel to my home to offer a mobile cosmetic tattooing service?

A - No, mobile tattooing is a serious breach of Victorian Government Health Guidelines - Section 1.8
      Why take unnecessary risks with your health?


Our Procedure trolley:

All direct skin penetration items are sterile single use disposables and wherever practicable medical grade pre-sterilized consumables are used.

Items are separately stored for higher levels of hygiene.

All procedural surfaces are cleaned before and after all procedures with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Q - Do you offer general beauty therapy services as well?

A - No, I Specialise in Cosmetic Tattooing.

I do not feel for example that it would be appropriate to provide cosmetic tattooing to someone in an environment where a bikini wax or pedicure was just performed on a previous client, nor would I personally undergo cosmetic tattooing by someone who just dabbles in it as a sideline to other beauty treatments.


My Pigments and Client Supplies:

I stock the highest quality pigments for your personalised colour selection.

I keep a full range Amiea pigment colours and I have a genuine knowledge of the importance of correct assessment of skin colour to assist in pigment colour selection.

All client supplies are hygienically stored and regularly checked for signs of degradation.

Client safety is always uppermost in my mind.

Q - Does it matter what brand of pigment is used?

A - Yes, pigments obtained from some suppliers may contain toxic contaminants such as lead, mercury, and other heavy metals and most pigment suppliers do not supply a complete ingredients list which is of concern.

Amiea are manufactured in Germany by the worlds leading manufacturer of digital cosmetic tattoo machines. The Amiea pigments have been extensively tested for allergy avoidance and they are the manufacturing their pigments to German standards which is widely regarded as the best available. All Amiea pigments come with a complete ingredients list and detailed Materials Safety Data sheets. No other manufacturer gives me the same degree of confidence in their pigments as much as Amiea.

Tip: Always ask if your chosen Cosmetic Tattooist is using Amiea Pigments.


Amiea 1ml

Amiea Pigments:

My first preference is to use Amiea German manufactured pigments for a clients procedure due to the superior quality and hygiene.

I also stock Amiea Monodose and for a little extra you can ask for a sterile (never previously opened) pigment to be used during your procedure.

This is truly the ultimate in hygiene!

- What kind of Cosmetic Tattoo device do you use?

A - I use the Amiea Linelle Supreme Digital machine the most advanced system available, made in Germany by the worlds leading manufacturer of cosmetic tattoo machines & I use a high quality Rotary Pen as a backup machine and both for training purposes. Click Here to ready my detailed comparative analysis on why I switched to an Amiea Digital machine.

Q - Do you see lots of clients each day?

A - I see a maximum of 2-3 clients on any given day to ensure that care and adequate time is taken with each client.


Our Luxury Procedure Chair:

The very latest luxurious electrically operated hydraulic recliner is provided to ensure that my clients are comfortable during procedures.

My procedure chair is adjustable at the touch of a button, so no more climbing on and off couches, especially good for those with back problems!

Chair covers are changed between each and every client.

Your comfort is well catered for during the procedure, I even supply a heated blanket if required.

You deserve the best!



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 Private, Hygienic, Comfortable, Safe, Relaxed & Friendly Cosmetic Tattooing Services.


  • Eyebrows

  • Lash Enhancement

  • Eye Liner Top and or Bottom

  • Lip Line, Lip blend or Full Lip

  • Beauty Spot

  • CTshop

  • Para-Medical Cosmetic Tattooing


I regularly receive questions from people considering Cosmetic Tattooing or requesting advice on corrective Cosmetic Tattooing from countries all over the globe, people frequently ask me:

Q: Andrea what do you look for when getting your own Permanent Makeup done?

This is a sensible question because nobody is going to be as cautious and particular as a ParaMedical Tattooist is.

My answer is; I would not book anywhere unless they were offering Cosmetic Tattooing with an Amiea Linelle Supreme and Amiea Derma Safe Pigments, because quite simply I only want the best. If the Cosmetic Tattooist cares about the finished result of my Permanent Makeup then they will use the best equipment, pigments, hygiene & standards for my procedure.

If you have more questions or would like further information please contact me.

Kind Regards                       


Andrea Darby - Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist

For an Appointment Phone: 0423 230 740


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 Private, Hygienic, Comfortable, Safe, Relaxed & Friendly Cosmetic Tattooing Services.
All conducted in a private in home salon.

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