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Para/Medical Cosmetic Tattooing Procedures

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There are many reasons that a person may request Para/Medical Cosmetic Tattooing such as reducing visibility of scars, loss of natural skin pigmentation, hair simulation, nipple creation / re-pigmentation.

ParaMedical tattooing is not intended to provide a medical treatment nor to remedy nor cure any medical condition or ailment, it is merely an advanced form cosmetic tattoo that may help camouflage or perhaps enhance the appearance of an area of skin.

A client should always consult with their doctor to explore and consider any potential medical treatments and the appropriateness of tattooing for their own circumstances before undergoing a cosmetic tattoo. The term Para/Medical is therefore meant as a secondary 'cosmetic' option after medical treatment.

Some of the medical conditions that may benefit from Para/Medical Cosmetic Tattooing include; Alopecia, Scar camouflage after Surgery / Injury, Vitiligo (loss of natural skin pigment), post Maxoplasty or Breast Reconstruction.

Advanced Para/Medical Tattoo Medical Services
  • Multi Trepanic Collagen Actuation (MCA) - New superior technique from the UK
    MCA is also known as  Skin Needling
  • Scalp Hair Imitation / Simulation also see our forum
  • Vitiligo Skin Re-Pigmentation - Offering new Mosaic techniques from the UK
  • General Skin Re-Pigmentation Areola & Nipple Pigmentation - Methods learnt at the Royal College of Surgeons London
  • 3D Simulative Areola Tattooing - 3D-SAT
    I am actively involved in developing new techniques for 3D-SAT
  • Maxoplasty Scar Camouflage
  • General Post Surgical or Injury Scar Camouflage

Medical Camouflage Makeup Services
(not a tattoo service)
  • RiparCover - Long lasting (up to 24 hours), non greasy, water-resistant camouflage makeup that can be used to cover healed; scars, burns, birthmarks, pigmentary disorders (vitiligo, melasma, PIH), cover-up of body art tattoos etc - New techniques learnt from a leading plastics clinic in Italy

With Para/Medical Cosmetic Tattooing the objective is to re-pigment the affected skin area in a way that reduces the visibility of the unwanted condition or returns the skin/area to a more natural or aesthetically pleasing appearance.

RiparCover camouflage makeup provides clients with a convenient option in instances where cosmetic tattooing is not a suitable choice. We evaluated several products and consider this to be the best option for my clients.

Q: What is the difference between ParaMedical Tattooing and Medical Tattooing?

A: The two terms are often used interchangeably but Medical Tattooing is most appropriately used to describe a service that is provided upon referral from the clients medical practitioner as opposed to a service requested direct from the client.

Another difference is that to use the title Medical Tattooist the technician should have undergone more advanced training with international Medical Tattoo training organisations with a Master Trainer and therefore the technician has been trained to be able to offer a broader range of services.

In either instance Para/Medical Tattooing the service is still just a 'cosmetic' option that should only be considered after the various Medical treatment options have been explored with your doctor.

Q: What about darker skin tones?

A: Clients with darker coloured skin tones need to be aware of some important factors that may affect the outcome of their cosmetic tattooing . Click here to see more information.


3D Nipple Tattooing

Example of 3D Areola Tattoo Healing

Emotional healing is very important, and particularly for a woman a good body image is an integral part of our wellbeing, for this reason I decided to undergo Advanced training in Para/Medical Cosmetic Tattooing both here in Australia and also in the United Kingdom.

If you are considering undergoing Para/Medical Tattooing I recommend that you obtain the services from a tattooist who is using an Amiea Linelle Supreme because it is currently the best machine for this type of service.

I regard breast tattooing for post mastectomy patients to be an important part of my social responsibility to the community and as such I charge generally less for my time than I do for other services. I also understand that due to the nature of breast cancer illness and its prolonged treatment that some patients may find themselves in severe financial hardship. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation I still want to help you, therefore if you provided me with a letter from Centrelink stating that; "you are on a benefit, suffering severe financial hardship, and are unable to pay for breast tattooing" then I will provide services to you at no charge and I merely request that you make a modest donation to the The National Breast Cancer Foundation at some future time when you are able to do so. Wouldn't it be nice if all the reconstructive surgeons did the same!

Please advise me at the time of booking if you are a letter holder.

Due care is always taken to provide my clients with the privacy and care that they need during consultations and procedures, a respectful approach is my priority.

Cosmetic Tattooing services are provided in private comfortable surroundings and single use sterile disposable medical supplies are used. My Salon has current approvals from, & is registered with, our local health authority.

I meet and in many instances exceed the relevant state and local health guidelines.


Andrea Darby
International Master Trainer:
Cosmetic & Medical Tattooist
Medical Camouflage Makeup Specialist

For an Appointment Phone: 0423 230 740

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