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Student Models
Models are sometimes required by Cosmetic Tattooing students in our CT-AIVEP training program.
Procedures on models are performed by students under the supervision of an Instructor and these first procedures are provided to the models at a fraction of the regular cost.

Training courses tend be very time sensitive and  practical training days are carefully planned and prepared sometimes a long time in advance, sometimes students are from interstate or overseas so any interruptions or delays in training schedules can be inconvenient and costly. Therefore it is essential to the success of a students practical training day that models are reliable and attend on time for their appointment. Occasionally due to the variability of a students needs a models procedure may not be able to be carried out, sometimes the previous procedure may take longer than expected requiring the next model to wait. For this reason models are also expected to be flexible, cooperative, and understanding of the training needs of the student. By agreeing to be a model you acknowledge and accept that you are granting students access to all documentation and photographs related to the treatment provided during the training sessions before, during, and after the training session.  Please ensure that you have made the final decision to proceed with a cosmetic tattoo procedure before registering and making a booking.

Models can register their details for the CT-AIVEP training program and when required models will be contacted (in order of registration) to see if they are available for a booking for a predetermined training day. When a booking is made the model pays a $75 booking fee which contributes toward incidentals such as the materials and equipment used during the procedure but primarily the booking fee is to ensure the attendance of the model for the treatment as per the booking and for the required amount of time. On the day of the booking the models will receive a first treatment procedure, as per the booking, performed by a Cosmetic Tattooist Student. If the procedure is not performed due to training time constraints then the $75 fee is refunded to the model provided that the model has attended their appointment on time (any non attendances, cancellations and or failure to proceed with a treatment accept that they will forfeit the booking fee). Please note, spectators are not permitted in student training sessions. Models can register for more than one procedure but in most instances each procedure will be performed on a separate booking and no guarantees are made about the availability of procedures, training courses may also be conducted at a variety of locations.

NB. Models for areola tattooing sessions are not charged a models fee, i.e. the service is provided free of charge during student training sessions.

There is no cost for registration and models can register following procedures;

  • Eyebrows

  • Lip-line & Blend

  • Eyeliner Top & Bottom

A $75 booking fee is all that a model pays for a first treatment in each of the above procedures.

NB: For men wishing to register as a model for Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation Tattooing the fee will be just 25% of the standard fee of the service.

Case Studies
Case studies are simply photographic or short videos taken to document a clients journey through the cosmetic tattoo procedure, the cosmetic tattoo procedure is performed by Andrea either at a substantially reduced rate or sometimes free of charge. The video/photographs may be used for marketing, promotion, and for student training. Registering for a case study is a great way to get your treatment performed by Australia's leading Cosmetic & Medical Tattooist at the best possible price!

Special / Discount Offers
From time to time we may also make special offers available to our clients, make sure you subscribe so that you do not miss out on any of our great offers!

To Register as a Model for either our Cosmetic Tattooist Student Training Program, or our Case Studies List just fill in the form below!

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