Cosmetic Tattooing & Darker Skin Tones
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Author:  Andrea Darby [ Tue Jul 06, 2010 2:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Cosmetic Tattooing & Darker Skin Tones

This topic is intended for questions you may have or general discussion Cosmetic Tattooing for clients with darker skin tones.

Clients with darker skin tones as indicated on the colour swatch below need to consider some additional factors prior to having cosmetic tattooing.


Different tattoo pigment colours will need to be selected compared to a fair skinned client and some final colours may not be achievable this is simply because the final colour is a mixture of the starting skin colour and the tattoo pigment colour. Also more treatments will be required to achieve the best result possible (usually 3).

Some clients who have darker skin tones particularly those from Africa, Asia, Latin, and indigenous Indian backgrounds may be more susceptible to a condition called Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation or PIH for short. Clients who have or may develop PIH have hyper-reactive melanocyte cells in their skin and if their skin experiences any form of irritation their melanocyte cells may be stimulated to produce more melanin. The tattooed skin may produce melanin and become darker in colour (grey, blue, brown or black) and the tattoo pigment may be patchy or may be hidden by the melanin and not be visible at all.

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Author:  Riash [ Sat Jul 10, 2010 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cosmetic Tattooing & Darker Skin Tones

Dear Madam

I am very interested to read of this because I had not heard of this on previous occasions and I think that I may have this pih on my face from acne when I was just a boy. I also have the vitiligo on my body and I wondered if I can still have the cosmetic tattooing?

Thank you

Author:  Andrea Darby [ Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cosmetic Tattooing & Darker Skin Tones

Hi Riash and welcome to the forum.

If a client has existing signs of PIH I generally advise against permanent makeup, however with the camouflage of vitiligo you may still achieve a satisfactory result. Largely this will depend upon how reactive your skin is and where on the body the vitiligo patches are, the de-pigmented patches generally will not react with PIH but the surrounding skin and border between the surrounding skin and de-pigmented area may become darker with PIH. For this reason it is always best to start with a consultation and careful assessment then a test patch to see how the skin will react. After 4-6 weeks If the result from the test patch is good then you can proceed to your first treatment.

With vitiligo camouflage treatments it is best to gradually increase the skin colour over a few treatments (usually 2-4) 4-6 weeks apart, that way the pigment can be built up gradually and subtle changes to colour can be made in an attempt to mimic the natural colour of the surrounding skin.

Author:  Riash [ Sun Jul 11, 2010 11:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Cosmetic Tattooing & Darker Skin Tones

Thank you for explaining this to me, I see a test patch is done first that makes great sense.
I have only a few dark pih spots on my face skin here and there and even if the vitiligo patches become a little darker around the edges they would still be less noticeable if they were not white and were tattooed like the rest of my skin. I will make the appointment to have the assessment and test patch when I get my tax return :D

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