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Comparative Analysis
Amiea Digital Machine vs. Standard Rotary Pen

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The methods used to perform Cosmetic Tattooing have evolved from the crude use of hand held splinters of wood or bamboo strips, to hand held needles (often called soft tap), to the modern Rotary Pen Cosmetic Tattoo machine. Most professional Cosmetic Tattooists within Australia currently use Medium/High quality Rotary Pen Machines because unlike the earlier manual methods they can reliably deposit the pigment to an exact depth within the skin with less trauma and bruising than via previous methods. Using a Coil machine (larger machines used by a body artist) is inappropriate for use in Cosmetic Tattooing.

Digital Machines
Digital Cosmetic Tattooing machines have been under development for a number of years by a range of manufacturers, however some cheap machines labelled as 'digital' are in reality nothing more than a Rotary Pen machine with a small amount of internal circuitry and as such offer no real advantages over a high quality Rotary Pen. Some other machines labelled as digital had poor quality base stations that offered little additional control over the hand piece, in essence they were little more than a nice LCD display with a few buttons, and again no real advantage over a standard Rotary Pen.

True Digital - In the mid 90's a German manufacturer of medical devices entered the arena and they have been quietly developing premium quality 'true' Digital Cosmetic Tattoo machines for the Nouveau Contour brand (which is well known in the USA) and also for other lesser known brands within Europe. After extensive consultation with leading cosmetic tattooists around the world they have been refining and improving their digital machines and in 2009 they decided to launch their own private label brand Amiea offering the most advanced Cosmetic Tattooing machines and supplies ever manufactured.

After extensive research I quickly realised that there is not another manufacturer that even comes close to the quality of machines and equipment that was being offered under the Amiea manufacturers brand.

The Evolution of Cosmetic Tattooing Equipment

Bamboo Splinters

Hand Tap Tool

Lower Quality Rotary Pen

Higher Quality Rotary Pen
Bella Dragon

Genuine Digital
Amiea Linelle Supreme


Outdated Poor Fair-Good Excellence

No Cost

Negligible Cost Retails for $25 - 150 Retails for $250 - 400 Available In Australia Now

My Own Research

Providing the very best service to my clients is very important to me and therefore when Amiea asked me to conduct a detailed and unbiased evaluation of their most advanced offering the Linelle Supreme I did not hesitate. I used this true digital machine in my own salon to conduct an objective comparison between it and a high quality Rotary Pen, the results are remarkable.

Rotary Pen
 (top of the range)


Linelle Supreme
(true digital)
Rotary Components

More parts increases handling & the risk of contamination.

A rotary pen has several components that must be changed between each client to prevent cross infections. The needle, tip, sleeve, front casing and transmission shaft, these components are fiddly and there is a risk of needle stick injury to the tattooist particularly when disassembling the machine.

Amiea replaces all those component with a single sterile needle module (chamber) called a Creatip which is completely separated from the hand piece and they also have an internal sealed membrane which prevents fluids flowing back and contaminating the hand piece and therefore significantly reduces the risks of cross infections.

The Creatip module easily clips into and out of the hand piece in seconds with a slight quarter turn.

Creatip Module

Replaces 5 components of a Rotary Pen

The clear see through Amiea Creatip's are the most advanced  needle module of any digital machine available.

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With the rotary pen the needle is always exposed even when the machine is turned off so great care must be taken by the tattooist to avoid needle stick injury. With the Creatip the needle is retracted inside the Creatip module and only becomes exposed when the machine is turned on.

The noise of a Rotary Pen when operating is quite loud and is similar to a dentists drill this can cause a client anxiety during the procedure. In comparison the Linelle is a subdued low pitched hum.

During operation a Rotary Pen when examined under a microscope with video slowed to 1/5th speed shows a significant amount of sideways oscillation of the needle, obviously that can cause additional skin trauma. By comparison there was no visible sideways oscillation of a Creatip needle in the Linelle meaning that each skin penetration is precise and causes the minimum amount of skin trauma for the tattooing procedure.

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With a Rotary pen microscopic examination of paper that has been punctured by a Rotary Pen reveals irregular shaped holes with signs of surface tearing and fraying.

By comparison puncture holes made by a Creatip needle are far more uniform with cleaner edges and no evidence of surface tearing between penetrations.

Obviously a procedure with a Creatip needle will result in more uniform pigment implantation and less trauma to the skin.

The tips for Rotary Pens generally come in 3-4 sizes and the clearance around the needle is quite large, that tends to exacerbate the sideways oscillation of the needle and leads to less precision.

In contrast the Creatip modules are all individually made for each needle size and fit snugly around the needle which leads to exceptional stability of the needle in operation. This partly accounts for the superior precision and puncture uniformity compared to a Rotary Pen.

The design of the Creatip module also enables you to fill the module with pigment and complete an entire procedure without the need to refill, if you prefer to work that way.

Needles should always be examined for manufacturing defects prior to a cosmetic tattoo procedure, I found a defect rate of approximately 1-2% that required me to discard the rotary pen needle.

In stark contrast Amiea Creatips are manufactured according to quality standards ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 13485 und CE.
i.e. Medical devices - Quality management systems - Requirements for regulatory purposes.

Having examined many needles via high magnification microscopy I can affirm that the Creatip needles are of a much higher standard than rotary pen needles from several manufacturers.

Even the smallest sized creatip needle removed from its module and examined under 30 times magnification revealed a needle of exceptional quality. Creatip needles are more akin to clinical grade than a standard tattoo needle and thus far I have not personally experienced even a single a defective creatip needle.

An unexpected finding was the reduction in Pigment splatter during a procedure which is most likely due to the quality of the creatip modules and snugger fit around the needle. This has two significant benefits;

1) Less pigment splatter means that I used around 40-60% less pigment to perform a procedure.

2) Less pigment splatter is much more comfortable for the client particularly during an eyeliner procedure, pigment splatter into the eye can lead to eye irritation if not irrigated frequently.

Needle depth adjustment on a Rotary Pen requires manually adjusting the tip by pushing it further into the sleeve or pulling it out thus exposing more or less of the needle. It is not uncommon to have to adjust the tip during the procedure to maintain the correct needle depth. Fiddling with the tip during a procedure increases the risk of contaminating the needle and also increases the risk of needle stick injury to the tattooist.

In contrast the needle depth on the Linelle is as simple as rotating the hand piece for the required depth which once set remains at the required depth for the entire procedure. Absolute precision in needle depth can be set to fractions of a millimetre, as a result I found that colour retention is a lot better.

The Amiea Linelle Supreme has the most advanced hand piece of any digital machine available & is the most robust version produced by the manufacturer to date.

Adjusting the machine speed (the number of needle penetrations per second) on a Rotary Pen can be hit and miss as it involves rotating the motor assembly which adjusts the motor speed. A rotary machine will tend to wind up and down within speed range rather than deliver a precise speed, consequently most Rotary Pen manufacturers mention RPM (motor revolutions) rather than needle penetrations/second.

In contrast the 'true' Digital Linelle Supreme base station is precisely speed controlled via a microprocessor (just like you will find inside your PC), the speed can be set in increments of 5 between a 'skin safe' range of 50-150 penetrations per second (PPS).

NB. Extensive testing indicates that a PPS of 50-150 is the safest and most effective operating range.

Once set the device maintains precise speed control and even adjusts automatically as the device encounters skin resistance such as can occur over scar tissue.

Amiea have put a lot of thought into the base station design with its easy clean surface and the simple control panel understates the intelligent processor capability.

Two hand pieces can be plugged into the Linelle for quick changing between two procedures on the same client. The device also comes with an optional laser attachment to aid healing and to help reduce the risk of cold sores (for lip treatments) providing the tattooist an additional service to add to their repertoire.

The Amiea Linelle Supreme has the most advanced microprocessor base station of any digital machine available.

During a procedure I have found that clients experience noticeably less discomfort, less anxiety, and less swelling than they do with a Rotary Pen machine I attribute that to the higher precision and reduced sideways oscillation of the needle causing less skin trauma and a much quieter machine. I have also observed more uniform pigment coverage and better colour retention which is obviously the result of greater precision in pigment placement.

Procedures tend to be a little quicker than with a rotary pen and greater percentage of clients are requesting second procedures at the completion of the first procedure (if its a nicer experience more clients feel comfortable booking for another service).

Also clients have reported faster healing and less post procedure swelling and oozing, a client who is a medical practitioner recently stated that with the Rotary Pen it took 4-5 days for skin oozing, swelling and tenderness to subside but with the Linelle Supreme it took just 2 days.

Because Amiea is the manufacturers own private label they have ensured that the most cutting edge technology is incorporated into the Linelle Supreme, I regard it as the machine of choice for ParaMedical Tattooists, Professional Cosmetic Tattooists & Cosmetic Tattoo Trainers.

I conducted a survey of clients who had experienced a previous procedure with a Rotary Pen and subsequently with the Digital Linelle Supreme.
Below are the statistics from the survey results.

Client Survey

Client Survey

In comparison to the previous procedure that you had performed with a rotary pen machine was the procedure that you just had with the Amiea Linelle Supreme Digital Machine;

Less Painful?

A lot less Less About the same More A lot More
85% 15%      

Less Swelling?

A lot less Less No swelling with either More A lot More
46% 23% 31%    

Less Anxiety?

A lot less Less About the same More A lot More
77% 23%      

Less Noise?

A lot less Less About the same More A lot More

Would you prefer to have future treatments with the Amiea Linelle Digital Machine?

Yes No Preference No

Would you recommend to others to seek out a cosmetic tattooist using the Amiea Linelle Digital Machine over a rotary machine?

Yes No Preference No

The survey results speak for themselves.


A high quality Rotary Pen can provide a good standard of Cosmetic Tattooing provided it is in skilled hands, however the Amiea Digital Linelle Supreme is a technological leap in Cosmetic Tattooing. Just as the Rotary Pen can be considered a substantial advancement in comparison to the use of splinters of bamboo the Linelle offers a similar leap in quality of service to clients compared to a Rotary Pen and previous versions of digital machines.

My Own Practice

After using the Amiea machine for a trial period of 4 weeks in 2010 and experiencing first hand the difference in quality of Cosmetic tattooing service that can be achieved I decided to switch to the Linelle Supreme in my own salon for all client services, I believe that my clients deserve the very best.

Also I no longer offer cosmetic tattoo training services with a Rotary Pen (other than for use on practice pads) as;
I consider it unjustifiable for a reputable trainer to continue using & training students on outdated equipment.
I personally recommend the Linelle Supreme Digital as the device of first choice for all my students.

Amiea In Australia

In recognition of the quality of my client services, high standard of student training and good reputation Amiea's manufacturer have invited me to be their exclusive distributor within Australia. I consider this to be both an honour and a privilege to be in partnership with the worlds leading manufacturer of Micropigmentation devices. Through tough negotiations I have managed to secure Amiea's superior products at exceptional prices for my students and Australian colleagues.

Amiea Derma Safe Pigments

In addition to their outstanding machines Amiea also produce a premium range of monodose German Manufactured Pigments that I have also been rigorously evaluating & I have found them to be of exceptional quality. Amiea Derma Safe Pigments are thicker than a standard cosmetic tattoo pigment and the colours are lush and exceptional to work with. The final healed results have been outstanding with more uniform coverage, depth of colour and a richness that I have not experienced with premium grade pigments from other manufacturers.

Monodose - 5 x 1 ml

Classic - 10ml Bottles

Amiea Derma Safe Monodose
Amiea Derma Safe Classic Bottle

Click here to open our Interactive - Pigment Colour Selection Guide

The Amiea Derma Safe monodose is a small, hygienic dose of pigment colour that can be used for a single client treatment or as a sample of pigment prior to purchasing the standard bottles. Monodose are great way to stock a wide range of colours at an economical price.

I regularly receive questions from people considering Cosmetic Tattooing or requesting advice on corrective Cosmetic Tattooing from countries all over the globe, people frequently ask me:

Q: Andrea what do you look for when getting your own Permanent Makeup done?
This is a sensible question because nobody is going to be as cautious and particular as a ParaMedical Tattooist is.

My answer now is;
 I would not book anywhere unless they were offering Cosmetic Tattooing with an Amiea Linelle Supreme and Amiea Derma Safe pigments, because quite simply I only want the best. If the Cosmetic Tattooist cares about the finished result of my Permanent Makeup then they will use the best equipment, pigments, hygiene & standards for my procedure.


Cosmetic Tattooists -  if you are a qualified Cosmetic Tattooist and you would like to find out more about the Amiea Linelle Supreme and Derma Safe pigments then click here for further information.

Kind Regards                       


Andrea Darby - ParaMedical Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist

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