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How to care for your skin after your Cosmetic Tattoo Procedure

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All my clients are provided aftercare advice, support, and a free aftercare kit which includes an advice sheet and materials to care for their cosmetic tattoo for the initial post procedure period.

Complimentary Aftercare Kit

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Please take the time to read this sheet and follow the simple steps to get the best post procedure results, this way your skin will heal within the minimum time and without any complications. You will be provided a small container of Bepanthen cream to get you started, this is an antiseptic and moisturizing cream, if more is required it is advised that you obtain a tube of Bepanthen, this can be purchased from any pharmacy or the supermarket (in the baby care section) and some cotton tips to apply the cream. Remember never reuse a cotton tip, always use a fresh tip every time you dip into the cream. The idea is to keep the area that has been tattooed clean and moistened with the cream as this will help with the healing process.

Always wash and dry your hands at a hygienic location prior to touching your face and performing your aftercare during the healing process.

With all Cosmetic Tattoos the colour will appear 20 - 30% darker for the first few days, and due to slight swelling your lips and eyeliner may not look straight. It will take about a week for the colour to settle in and the swelling to have settled and surface healing to be complete (deeper healing takes 4-6 weeks). Any adjustments to colour and shape are made on your second visit.

With all Cosmetic Tattoo treatments for the first week No cleansers, makeup, swimming, spas, saunas direct running water on the area (this means do not have the shower running onto your face). During the first month after the treatment avoid contact with any sources of water potentially contaminated with micro-organisms (e.g. lakes, dams, seawater, rainwater, tank water, groundwater, pools, spas etc) until your skin has completely healed. Use a soft clean face washer to wash your face and only dab at the tattooed area gently, no rubbing. Cold pads can be applied to reduce any swelling. Your usual moisturizer can be applied.


The eyebrows will take about 7 - 10 days to heal, deeper skin healing takes longer, be patient, you cannot speed up this process.
Apply a thin layer of Bepanthen cream to the eyebrows 5 - 6 times a day. Before applying new cream gently wipe off any remaining cream. If the skin feels itchy you are not applying enough cream so apply more frequently. As your skin heals it may become flaky or scaly do not pick or scratch at the skin by pulling the skin you may tear the skin and cause scarring. If you skin appears dry apply cream more often.


Eyeliner surface will normally heal within about 4 days, deeper skin healing takes longer, If a light colour eyeliner has been used the colour may fade up to 50%, remember we can make it slightly darker on your next visit. Do not use mascara until healing is complete and do not rub the eyes.

Very rarely a client may get a dilated (large) pupil during the procedure, if this happens you should stay out of bright lights, wear sunglasses and do not drive a vehicle or operate machinery until your pupil has returned to normal.

Apply the Bepanthen cream to the eye line with a cotton tip at least 3 - 4 times a day, keep the area feeling moist but avoid applying too much cream in case it enters and irritates your eye.
For the first day or two your eyelids may appear swollen, apply clean cold pads to the eyelid area several times during the day to reduce any swelling. Do not rub your eyes, and do not use tissues around the eye area.

Sometimes after the procedure small flecks of pigment may irritate your eye surface, you may find that an over the counter preservative free tear replacement drop such as “Thera Tears” soothing. It is advisable to wear a pair of dark glasses for the first few hours after a procedure to rest your eyes. Remember any adjustments in thickness and colour will be made on your second appointment.


Immediately after treatment your lips will appear swollen and much darker than the colour that was decided upon during the consultation, the colour will subside over the next week, your lips will feel very tender and may have a tender tingling feeling for up to a week if you had a full lip treatment. Lips heal quite quickly in 3 - 4 days or up to a week for full lip treatment, deeper healing takes longer, the idea is to apply enough Bepanthen cream to keep them moist so that they don’t dry out and become flaky and peel. If you have dry pieces of skin do not pull or pick at them let the lips exfoliate naturally. Apply the Bepanthen cream to the lip area as often as required to keep them moist, if you are not applying enough cream your lips will start to feel tight.

• For the first few days do not wear lipstick, no hot drinks or spicy foods.
• It is advised not to kiss anyone until the healing process is complete, this is to avoid contact with cold sore sufferers.
• After healing your lips may feel dryer than normal for a few months keep applying the Bepanthen cream daily.

Note: If you have ever had a cold sore having your lips tattooed may cause an out break of cold sores on or around the lip area, to minimize this from happening it may be advisable that you take an antiviral such as L-lysine one week prior to your treatment and after treatment apply Zovirax cream to the lips, severe outbreaks may require oral medicine such as Famvir please discuss this with your pharmacist or doctor prior to your procedure. Even so you still may get a cold sore after having your lips tattooed even if you have never had cold sores in the past as the visum may still be present in your body even without prior symptoms.


It is advisable to wear a moisturizer with a sunscreen everyday, moisturiser at night, and always to use a lip balm with a sunscreen. Sunbathing, use of tanning studios, Retin-A cream & chemical peels will fade your Cosmetic Tattoo more quickly. Always wash your face in warm, not hot, water and avoid using soap on your face.

A cosmetic tattoo can last a shorter or longer period depending on your skin type, skin colour, and the colour of the pigment used, the thickness of the lines, how much pigment is deposited and how aggressive your immune system is in metabolising the pigment. Factors such as sun exposure, some skin creams and lotions, exfoliating treatments and many other factors may affect fading of your cosmetic tattooing.

Even in the absence of any of the factors mentioned above you can expect that fading will still occur over time but equally with some people the tattoo may or may not remain visible for long periods of time (even with fading) this can vary considerably from person to person. You should expect that a refresh treatment may be required anywhere from a few months up to several years after the last treatment; at the very least I suggest that my clients have a refresh treatment every 1 - 3 years to keep their makeup tattoo looking at its best.

Some clients are happy to let their cosmetic tattoo fade considerably between refresh treatments others like to keep their cosmetic tattoo looking very bold and fresh all the time for this reason no guarantees are offered or implied in relation to how long your cosmetic tattoo will last before you feel you need to have a refresh treatment.

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If you have any questions about the care of your tattoo please feel free to contact me.

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