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Workbook: 3D Simulative Areola Tattooing (3D-SAT)


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This manual has been created as pre-reading to prepare students for practical training in 3D-SAT™

This hard copy publication was created by Andrea Darby - CosmeticTattooist.com in consultation with a registered health practitioner. The manual is intended as preparatory theory prior to undergoing practical training it is not intended as a stand alone 'how to' guide.

NB. A single copy of the 3D-SAT™ Manual is provided free of charge to our customers who undergo 3D-SAT™ training with us.

Details about this publication

Pages: 46

Version: 3.1

Original Publication Date: 10/03/2011

Most Recent Revision: 01/11/2018

Publication Type: Thermal bound hard copy with clear protective front cover.

Time spent on preparatory research: 360 hours

Topic Nipple Areola Complex Restoration Utilizing Advanced Principles for 3D Simulative Areola Tattooing (3D-SAT) - (CT-AIVEP Publication)

Author: A Comprehensive Workbook Presented by: Andrea Darby Consultant Cosmetic & Medical Tattooist

Introduction: The manual should assist you with;

• Basic anatomy of the breast and the Nipple Areola Complex.
• Understanding the major types of breast surgery.
• Precautions, preclusions and when medical advice is indicated.
• Equipment required.
• Main principles for performing 3D-SAT.
• Aftercare.


 1. Front Cover
 2. Introduction & Copyright
3. About the Author
 4. Index
 5. Anatomy of the Nipple Areola Complex
 6. Aesthetics of the Nipple Areola Complex
 7. Reconstructive Surgery
     Main types of Breast Reconstruction
     1. Reconstruction with an implant
     2. Autologous Reconstruction
 8. 3. Autologous with Implant Reconstruction
     Nipple / Areola Complex Reconstruction / Restoration
     Types Nipple/Areola Reconstruction/Restoration
     Nipple sharing grafts
     Other types of grafts
 9. Local tissue flaps
     NAC Tattooing
10. Mastopexy, Breast Enhancements, & Breast Reductions
11. Emotional Healing vs. Waiting Period Prior to Tattooing
      The Clients Usual Disposition (SCAPP Scale)
12. Pre Treatment Advice for NAC Tattooing / 3D-SAT™
13. Alternative Options to NAC Tattooing
14. Patient Satisfaction with NAC Tattooing
      Pre Treatment Screening for NAC Tattooing
15. Geometric Sizing & Positioning of the Nipple Areola Complex
16. Measuring the Breasts
      Diameter of the Areola
17. Procedural Standards
      Needles for NAC Tattooing
      Equipment for NAC Tattooing
18. Pigments for NAC Tattooing
19. ParaMedical vs. Medical Tattooing
      Special Precautions
20. Tattooing Techniques For 3D SAT™
      Tutorial Prerequisite
21. Tattoo Techniques
      Important Points
      Initial Client Assessment
      Treatment Plan
22. Commencing the Procedure
      Step 1. Before Photographs
      Step 2. (if a topical anaesthetic is being used)
      Step 3. Choosing your colours
      Step 4. Setup
      Step 5. Positioning the new NAC/s
              5:1 Mark the Position
23.         5:2 Select the Size
      Step 6 Tattooing the new 3D Areola/Nipple Complex
24. Step 7. After Photographs & Aftercare
      Example Photographs - Colour Selection
25. Example Photographs - Colour Matching to existing Areolas
26. Example Photographs - Position and Orientation
27. Matching Orientation to an Existing NAC for Unilateral 3D-SAT
28. Tattooing Techniques for Colour Matching to an Existing NAC
29. Colouring an Existing NAC
      Colour Correction of Radiation Therapy Marker Tattoos
      Scar Camouflage Treatments
      1) Amiea Vytal
      2) Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)
30. 3) Pigment Mosaic
      Basic Principles of CIT / MCA
31. Incorporating Artistic Techniques into the Areola Tattooing Service
32. Avoiding Complications
33. Example: MCA & Nipple Areola Complex Tattoo Aftercare
34. Aftercare cont.
35. Personalising the MicroPigmentation Service
36. Interpreting the SCAPP Scale
37. Client Disposition Questionnaire (SCAPP Scale)
38. Client Notes Page
39. Updates on Pigment Safety
40. Equipment & Product Recommendations
      Equipment & Products to Avoid/Reject
41. Preferred Range of Equipment & Products
42. Preferred Range of Medical Tattoo Pigments
43. Glossary
44. Students Notes Page
45. Sketch Pad 1
46. Sketch Pad 2

NB. If you have purchased our 3D-Sat workbook the purchase cost of the workbook can be applied as a discount on our 2 day practical areola tattoo training program.

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