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Student Training Kit (Digital & Rotary Machine)


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Student Training Kit (Digital & Rotary Machine)
This Training Kit is excellent value for those who want a kit that contains a top of the line Amiea Linelle Supreme digital machine and a high quality rotary pen as a backup as well as the most important starting equipment for training as a Cosmetic Tattooist.

Kit Contents
• 1 x Amiea Linelle Supreme - Digital - 12 months warranty
• 3 x Creatips (Bonus)
• 1 x Bella Dragon BM8 Kit - Rotary  - 3 months warranty
• 5 x 2 prong sterile disposable needles
• 5 x 3 prong sterile disposable needles
• 5 x 5 prong sterile disposable needles
• 5 x 7 prong sterile disposable needles
• 10 x Sterile disposable Small Needle Caps
• 10 x Sterile disposable Large Needles Caps
• 20 x Sterile disposable Machine Sleeves
• 2 x Sterile disposable Transmission Shafts
• 1 x Sterile disposable Front Casing
• 10 x Disposable pigment pots small
• 1 x 3D Eyebrow practice pad
• 1 x 3D Lip Practice pad
• 10 x Disposable pigment pots large
• 3 x Assorted Pigments
• Packet Disposable practice gloves.
• Sterile Gloves x 2 pairs
• Gauze packets (Non Sterile)
• 2 x Sterile Dressing Packs
• 5 x Sterile Gauze 8ply 7.5cm x 7.5cm
• 2 x 30ml Sodium Chloride
• Small Alcohol wipes x 5 strips
• 2 x Micro Brushes
• 10 x Large finger cots
• 1 x Pigment Pot holder
• 1 x Sharps Container
• 1 x Disposable Procedure pack container

1 x Aftercare Kit (containing the following)
• 1 x Carry bag
• 1 x Bepanthen Container
• 1 x Packet 12 Cotton Tips
• 1 x Packet 2 Cotton Rounds
• Aftercare Sheet

Kit Optional Extras
•   9 months warranty extension for Bella Dragon (12 months in total) & 12 months warranty extension for Linelle Supreme (24 months in total)

Further Information on the Amiea Linelle Supreme

The Amiea Linelle supreme is part of the next generation of Amiea Linelle Micropigmentation systems.
Dedicated to make your work easier and your creations even more beautiful, Amiea have designed the Amiea Linelle Supreme to deliver the most reliable, high precision results. The same manufacturer also makes the nouveau contour machines, Amiea is the manufacturers private label and consequently their range offers the cutting edge in Cosmetic Tattooing products. This machine retails for AU$4,500 if you purchased from Europe so CT Shop is offering you a fantastic price.

The ergonomically designed cosmetic pen with its easily adjustable needle depth feels like a natural extension of your hand and lets you work steadily and precisely. It is compatible with the full range of ingenious creatip cartridges hygienically sealed to avoid spills and backflows and available in numerous shapes and needle configurations for every application.

The sleek, intuitive control unit with its digital controlled ensure stop precision and allows you to focus fully on your work. With its two interfaces, it can connect to two cosmetic pens simultaneously, letting you switch even more easily between different colours or needle configurations. Light and compact, the Amiea Linelle supreme operates with minimal noise and vibration, takes up little space, and is easily transported.

Must See - Click Here to see my Special Report
Linelle Supreme Digital Machine ~ Comparison to a Standard Rotary Pen

Amiea Linelle Supreme

Beautiful Technology


Convenient & Hygienic

The creatip needle modules are incredible, no more mucking around with needles, tips, casings and transmissions shafts, creatip modules replace all those fiddly components with one single use sterile needle chamber that is completely separated from the hand piece to prevent flow back contamination. For safety when the machine is turned off the creatip needle automatically retracts thus helping to prevent needle stick injuries.

  The advantages at a glance
• easy to use, easy to clean
• lightweight ergonomic pen - only 13.2 cm x 2.2 cm and 80 g!
• needle depth easily and precisely adjustable
• high needle frequency 50-150 injections per second (increments of 5).
• extremely low noise and vibration
• safe, hygienic creatip system
• compact, portable base station with foot control (measurements base: 26 cm x 23 cm)
• interfaces for two pens
• interface for optional laser (not included)
• digital control
• precision technology
• made of top-quality materials
• made in Germany according to ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 13485, and CE quality standards
• patented high tech*

  The Amiea Linelle supreme set includes
• The ergonomic pen (hand piece)
• The easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, sleek base station
• The convenient pen holder
• Foot switch
• The power adapter
• 1 year warranty

  Bonus Inclusions
• A sample set of 3 safe, hygienic creatip modules (needle cartridges as listed above)
If you pay via direct deposit you will also receive a $20 gift certificate!
• $200 discount on course in use of digital machine - Provided by CT-AIVEP© (when purchased together)
NB. You must have already successfully completed a Cosmetic Tattooing course provided by a reputable trainer!

  Other Accessories
• Laser attachment - To assist healing and aid in the prevention of fever blisters (cold sore/herpes simplex).
• Additional ergonomic pen (hand piece) - So you easily switch to a second procedure on the same client.

NB. Due to the high value of the digital machine postage costs at checkout must include a mail option with insurance.
Kits with this fantastic machine at this strictly limited price are available now.

*Patents: US 6,505,530; US 6,345,553; DE 299 19 199; EP 1 495 782; EP 1 618 915; EP 1 882 492; EP 1 743 673; further patents pending

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