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Reusable Face Masks (3 Layers) x Pack of 2 Masks


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Reusable Fabric Face Masks (Pack of 2 Masks)

These double stitched hand made reusable face masks have been manufactured in Australia by a qualified seamstress after consultation with an Australian Registered Health Practitioner.

Size: Medium-Large (This size fits most adults)
Mask are supplied with random fabric colours and designs, you can request a specific/custom colour or a smaller size for an extra $10

The masks have three layers of different fabric sewn together with a cross pattern to increase the filtration efficiency and over 40 different designs were tested to find a mask that more closely approximates the fit and seal of a N95 with the comfort of a fabric mask.
The masks have not been tested for filtration efficiency however we have relied upon publications within the medical literature when creating the masks to attempt to achieve a result that might approximate a level 2 surgical, however expert testing would be required to confirm the protection that is provided. Feedback from health professionals has been extremely positive.

External layer - Non stretch cotton/poly cotton tight weave fabric.

Middle Layer
- Polyester short strand tight weave interfacing layer manufactured with thermal adherence to external layer.

Inside layer
- Non stretch soft feel cotton tight weave fabric (a different colour/pattern to external layer to avoid confusion when applying the mask and for cross weave filtration).

Elastic Head Straps
- Ear loops do not provide sufficient seal around a fabric mask to prevent air/breath escaping around the sides so we have provided head straps that do a better job (feels similar to N95 when wearing).


• Head straps to increase the conformance to face (better than ear loops for seal)
• Washable and reusable.
• Mouldable nose bridge wire for a secure fit over the nose.
• Elastic head straps also make wearing mask for longer periods more comfortable (No sore ears).
• Contoured shape to make a more secure fit but allowing space for comfortable breathing.
• Snug comfortable fit under chin even when talking.


• Always sanitise your hands prior to putting mask on and when repositioning the mask while wearing.
• Always sanitise your hands prior to taking mask off and then place mask into the wash ASAP.
• Always sanitise your hands after touching a used mask.

1) Gently place elasticised straps over your head and position the mask over your nose and mouth and under your chin.
2) For best seal lower strap should be at the back of your head near the top of your neck the top strap should be towards the top of your head.
3) Ensure the mask fits snugly over nose and around mouth and under chin then pinch the conforming nose bridge so that the mask fits neatly around the bridge of your nose.
4) Take a deep breath in and out to check the seal around the mask and reposition if required.


Strongly recommend that the mask is washed each day and you use at least 4 masks so that they can be rotated and that a mask can be left for 3 days after washing and drying for maximum safety.

Washing Instructions

Hand or machine wash (recommend using a delicates bag for the washing machine) in very hot soapy water, rinse well, hang in sunlight or tumble dry.
NB. Avoid ironing over the nose bridge wire as it is plastic coated.


Q: Can I use the Hypertonic Saline method with these masks as described in the medical report;
Universal and reusable virus deactivation system for respiratory protection?
A: Yes we have tested the masks and they were usable after saturated saline was applied and left to dry.

Q: Can I use the mask with a surgical mask underneath?
A: Yes see photos.


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  3. Testing the Efficacy of Homemade Masks: Would They Protect in an Influenza Pandemic? Anna Davies, BSc, Katy-Anne Thompson, BSc, Karthika Giri, BSc, George Kafatos, MSc, Jimmy Walker, PhD, and Allan Bennett, MSc. 2013 Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health, Inc.


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