Preventing & Solving Problems With AusPost Deliveries

Unfortunately from time to time there are service delays with AusPost.
As per our terms and conditions we are unable to take responsibility for shipping delays, problems with tracking or any other failures on the part of AusPost because we have no control over their performance of service.


To minimise problems with parcel deliveries we recommend that you;


  • Check that the shipping address that you supply when placing your order is completely accurate (correctly formatted to prevent confusion by postal workers).
  • Make sure that all your account information is kept up to date in CTshop including address, email, and phone number.
  • Do not arrange to have parcels delivered to alternative addresses or to be left unattended.
  • When you receive our shipping notification email if tracking information is supplied check the status of your order regularly until it is delivered.
  • If we register your email address with AusPost for tracking emails click 'Confirm' on their first email to accept delivery of tracking emails.
  • Notify AusPost immediately if your parcel is overdue, seems not to be progressing in tracking, or if it shows as delivered and you have not received it.


If you have a problem with delivery of your order your first steps should be to;

  • Check that the shipping address that you supplied to us for your order (as detailed on the invoice that was emailed to you) is completely correct.
  • Check that no one else at your delivery address has already received the delivery.
  • Check that the parcel has not been delivered somewhere without your knowledge e.g. at your door or to a neighbouring property.
  • Check your mail box for a failed delivery card (usually means you need to collect the parcel from your local post office).
  • Check with your local postman/parcel delivery service that they have not delivered the parcel to the wrong address (or neglected to card an item that they were unable to deliver).
  • Check with your local post office to see if the parcel is there waiting for collection.


You can read information about AusPost missing items by clicking on the link below;

I encourage you also to contact AusPost and lodge a complaint with them, I believe it is better to contact them by telephone and stress that your call is a complaint about a failure in the standard of service.

Our past experience is that your contact with AusPost will be taken more seriously if you do the following;

  1. Contact them by telephone on;
    13 7678 or if overseas +61 3 8847 9045 or if in Melbourne 03 8847 9045
  2. Inform the AusPost service representative that your call is a formal complaint.
  3. Make a written note of the customer service representatives name.
  4. Inform them of your parcel tracking number if one was supplied to you in our shipping notification email.
  5. Inform them of the date of posting as per our shipping notification email.
  6. Inform them that the parcel was sent from Elwood Victoria and your delivery address is as per the shipping address that you detailed on the order (as per your shop invoice).
  7. Inform them of the nature of your complaint e.g. delivery delay, problems with tracking, missing item, incorrect delivery address etc.
  8. Make a written note of the complaint number that is provided to you as well as any other advice and information provided by the customer service representative.
  9. After the phone call continue to monitor your parcel via the tracking number if one was supplied to you in our shipping notification.

Sometimes after giving AusPost a nudge you may find that your parcel is delivered within a day or two.

After doing all of the above please advise us if your parcel is not received in 7-10 days.

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