PayPal Payments - Problem Solving

If you are experiencing difficulty with making a PayPal Payment for your CTshop order the information below may assist you.

In 2012 PayPal settled US$145 Billion dollars worth of transactions from over 100 million active customer accounts.

Here at CTshop we ourselves have personal PayPal accounts that we use regularly for online transactions, to pay for goods and services and to send money to others. Whilst PayPal is not perfect it is by far the best method of permitting credit card payments that we have come across for our broad range of customers in different countries and transacting in a range of currencies.

There are some key benefits to our customers by using PayPal to make payment via credit card;

  1. Customers credit card details are never provided to us - All card related communication is handled by PayPal and no credit card information is ever stored by or supplied to us. This is a very important feature because it means that even if a super hacker ever managed to penetrate our security measures here at CTshop they would never have access to your financial information because we do not have it. Paypal spend literally millions of dollars on security for their site and accounts and we feel it is far better to let the experts handle the card information.
    If you would like to read more about PayPal's privacy policies click here.
  2. Entire payment transaction is conducted on PayPal's site - Even though some other online shops use PayPal they may still conduct part of the payment transaction on their site and then their server communicates with PayPal's server transferring your financial information. With CTshop the only part of the transaction conducted on our site is the placement of the order the entire payment transaction is conducted on PayPal's site. We deliberately set things up this way to prevent any chance of information snooping occurring when our server talks to PayPals server.

    The only down side to this is that you need to authorise payment details for every order, but trust us its much safer for you that way!

Tips for Making Smooth PayPal Payments

To make it as fast and smooth as possible when placing your order and making making credit card payments via PayPal we recommend the following steps;

  • Open a PayPal account and provide all the required account information (only required once).
  • Make sure you keep your PayPal account login details in a safe place that you have easy access to, if you forget your PayPal account details click here to recover your PayPal Account details.
  • Add a valid credit card to your account, click here to find out how (only required once).
  • Confirm your credit card, click here to find out how (only required once).

  • Verify your account, click here to find out how (only required once).

    You only need to perform the above steps once, they are simply antifraud measures designed to protect you from unauthorised use of your credit card and PayPal account.

  • Each time you place an order and you reach the PayPal payment page make sure you login to your account to authorise the transaction that way you will not have to re-enter your credit card information every time.

Problem Solving

Overwhelmingly our customers find that making payment via PayPal is quick and efficient but if you do experience difficulties below are some of the reasons why that may be occurring;

  • You have entered the wrong email address or password for your PayPal account, if you forget your PayPal account details click here to recover your PayPal Account details.
  • You have entered the wrong card number, card type, expiry date, or CSV number.
  • The name, address, date of birth, or other details that you entered do not exactly match the details on your credit card.
  • You have changed address and your current address does not match the address that your credit card company has for you.
  • Your credit card is attached to an existing PayPal account and you are trying to make payment without logging in to your account.

    This is one of the more common reasons why a transaction may be rejected, several times customers have insisted that their credit card is not attached to a PayPal account only to discover that they opened one long ago and forgot about it or that their partner has attached their card to a PayPal account without them knowing.

    If your card is attached to a PayPal account you need to login to authorise the payment, if you try to enter the card details without logging into an existing account the payment will just keep failing without being provided an explanation!
  • You have exceeded your card limit with the payment amount.
  • Your credit card is not one of the accepted cards, click here to view the accepted cards.

  • Your credit card is just a debit card with no credit limit.

    For some reason credit cards that are debit only and have no credit limit may occasionally be rejected by PayPal


  • You are trying to enter your name and someone else's credit card information.

    Another person can make payment for you on your order using their credit card but once you reach the PayPal payment page the payers information must match the credit card holders details that are entered.
  • The order amount is large and you do not yet have a PayPal account with a confirmed credit card and verified account.

    If you are placing an order for a large dollar amount and you have not yet performed the above steps PayPal may reject the payment or may place a hold on the payment until the card has been confirmed and your account is verified. This is simply to protect you from unauthorised use of your credit card and to protect us from fraudulent transactions.
  • Your credit card has been flagged due to suspected unauthorised use.

    Either the card owner, your financial institution, the card company or PayPal may flag your card if it is suspected that the card is being used without authority. This can happen for a variety of reasons such as unusual use e.g. recent use in the apple iTunes store, use on gambling sites, use in offshore sites etc.

  • Your credit card has been issued by a financial institution or a geographical location that is not accepted by PayPal.

    PayPal might reject a card if they lack confidence in the financial institution that provided it.


Alternative Payment Methods

If you continue to experience difficulties with PayPal payment even after following the Tips for Making Smooth PayPal Payments then you can still make payment on your order via the following payment methods;

  1. Direct Deposit - Simply chose direct deposit at the checkout and use the account information supplied and follow the steps provided.

    Your order cannot be shipped until the cleared funds are received in our account.
  2. Cash Payment - If you are arranging to collect your order in person then you can select cash payment at the checkout and pay in cash when collecting the order.

    After placing your order you must wait to be notified that it has been prepared and is ready for collection before contacting us and making an appointment for a mutually acceptable time to collect your order.

Phone & Email Orders

Please note CTshop is an e-Commerce store not a physical brick and mortar store, we do not accept phone orders or email orders, all orders must be placed online via the shop.

Part of the way that we keep our overheads down is by using technology and automated inventory tracking and invoicing systems that occur seamlessly in the background while you are placing your order online. If we began accepting phone orders and email orders that would significantly increase our administrative costs, we would need to employ a dedicated team member to handle all the manual ordering and product costs would need to increase as a result.

In Person Orders

From time time for various reasons customers sometimes wish to make an appointment to attend in person and place their order while at our salon after seeing the products and discussing their needs in detail. It is important to be aware that we have deliberately kept our margins as low as possible so that our customers can use the best products at the cheapest possible price, in person orders can be very time consuming and for that reason a 20% surcharge applies to in person orders that are less than $500 in value.

To save money we encourage you to always place your order online prior to collection which in turn reduces our administrative workload and helps us to keep prices as low as possible.

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