Items marked by the tag "Procedural Consumables":


5L Storage Container


$6.00   $4.50
In stock
Generic Brand
5L Storage Container
Quantity Discounts Apply!
For hygienic storage of procedural supplies.

Aftercare Cream Containers

CODE: VV4TC:AC:CreamCont

$2.00   $1.80
In stock
Generic Brand
After-care Cream Containers the perfect size (5.5cm)
Quantity Discounts Apply!
For supplying aftercare cream to your clients

Minimum quantity for "Aftercare Cream Containers" is 10.

Apron (Plastic) x 15

CODE: LS:APRLD71X1171:ApronPlastic

$15.00   $8.75
In stock
Generic Brand
Apron Plastic x 15, Plastic Disposable Apron suitable for use during your tattooing procedures or for use during cleanup procedures.

Aquim AntiBacterial Hand Gel 375ml

CODE: TM:10712:AQHandGel375

$15.00   $10.00
In stock
Isopropyl Alcohol Swab 70% - 200/pack, Useful for disinfecting those smaller items.

Baby Wipes x 80/Pack

CODE: CTS:BWipex80

$5.50   $5.20
In stock
Convenient pack of 80 high quality large perfume free Baby Wipes.
Quantity Discounts Apply!

Barrier Wrap (Clincal Grade) - 1200 plastic sheet roll (10cmx15cm)

CODE: BWrap1

$75.00   $24.95
In stock
Plastic Barrier Wrap can be used to cover the edge of your mag lamp, leads and cables and other equipment in your salon. Provides a disposable protective barrier that helps prevent equipment in your salon becoming sources of fomite cross infection.

Barrier Wrap Dispenser


$149.00   $34.50
In stock
Barrier Wrap Dispenser keeps your wrap hygienically clean and allows you to easily see how much barrier wrap remains on the roll. Barrier Wrap sold separately.

Bepanthen Antiseptic Cream - 100g


$16.00   $14.95
In stock
Advanced Vision Research
Bepanthen Antiseptic Cream - 100g perfect for tattoo aftercare.

Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipe - 100/pack

CODE: TM:CLDCWTUB100:ClinellWipe100

$20.00   $16.00
In stock
Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipe - 100/pack, Useful for disinfecting hands, procedural surfaces, and equipment.

Cotton Buds x 240/Pack

CODE: CTS:CBudsx240

$3.00   $2.50
In stock
Large economical pack of 240 high quality cotton buds.
Quantity Discounts Apply!

Dapen Dish (Disposable)

CODE: LS:Dapdish100W:PPL

$40.00   $0.35
In stock
Generic Brand
Dapen Dish (Disposable)
Quantity Discounts Apply!
Used for skin creams and topical anaesthetic creams and gels

Minimum quantity for "Dapen Dish (Disposable)" is 10.

Face Masks (Surgical)

CODE: VM:3M1826:FM

$1.10   $0.95
In stock
Face Masks (Surgical)
Quantity Discounts Apply!
Wearing mask during a procedure helps prevent splashes of bodily fluids and procedure liquids entering your mouth while tattooing. It also helps prevent micro-organisms from your breath contacting with your clients broken skin surface (due to tattooing).

Finger Cots x 100 (Machine Covers)


$22.00   $14.00
In stock
Generic Brand
Finger Cots x 100 (Machine Covers). These clean (non sterile) cots are the best thing that I have found so far for providing a protective covering for a Bella Dragon BM8 motor assembly during a procedure. I clean the machine and cot with isopropyl alcohol, apply the cot to the machine, and then clean the cot again with isopropyl alcohol.

Gloves In A Bottle - 60ml Purse Pack


$15.00   $10.00
In stock
This is a fantastic product that I use every day.
With all the hand washing that a Cosmetic Tattooist needs to do its very easy for the skin on your hands to become dry and cracked.
This 60ml Purse Pack is perfect for carrying everywhere you go.

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