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Automatic Brow Pencil

CODE: CTS::AutoBrowPencil-LB

$18.00   $9.50
In stock
Generic Brand
Automatic Eyebrow Pre-Drawing Pencil
Quantity Discounts Apply!
Black, Light Brown, Mid Brown & Dark Brown.

Select colour required

Barrier Wrap Dispenser


$149.00   $34.50
In stock
Barrier Wrap Dispenser keeps your wrap hygienically clean and allows you to easily see how much barrier wrap remains on the roll. Barrier Wrap sold separately.

Battery Pack - Bella Rotary Pen Machine

CODE: Bella:BBB-10:BatPack-BD

$35.00   $15.95
In stock
This Battery Pack is a 'must have' battery backup power supply unit for Bella Rotary Pen Machines.

Bella Dragon - Rotary Pen Machine (BM8 Kit)

CODE: Bella:BM-8:RotMach-BD

$400.00   $167.00
In stock
The Bella Dragon Deluxe Kit
Quantity Discounts Apply!
one of the best Professional Rotary Pen Cosmetic Tattoo (Micro-Pigmentation) Machines that you can buy.

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CT-AIVEP Training - 3D-SAT - Training Course


In stock
The CT-AIVEP Training - 3D-SAT Course - Module 17 Learn 3D Areola Tattooing from Australia's leading expert trainer.

CT-AIVEP Training - Digital Training Session - Module 6


$950.00   $750.00
In stock
The CT-AIVEP Training - Digital Training Session - Module 6 provides you an excellent practical introduction to digital cosmetic tattooing, select a procedure of your choice and perform it with one on one time with your qualified instructor.

CT-AIVEP Training - Module 1


$650.00   $550.00
In stock
The CT-AIVEP course framework is an excellent choice for those embarking on a career in Cosmetic Tattooing, Module 1 provides the initial preparatory theory via an online interactive multimedia package.

CT-AIVEP Training - Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation Tattooing (SHFST™) - Module 16


In stock
The CT-AIVEP Training - Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation Tattooing (SHFST™) - Module 16 provides you in-depth training in providing Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation Tattooing (SHFST™) services to clients.

Eyebrow Design Kit


$129.95   $75.00
In stock
Eyebrow Design Kit. If you are new to designing and drawing eyebrows this kit will help you to create uniform eyebrow shapes for your clients, it contains 8 sets of stencils a head strap a quality display case and even a couple of powders and a brush (for conventional makeup use).

Eyebrow Pre-Drawing Pencil

CODE: CTS::AnyBrowPencil

$12.00   $6.75
In stock
Generic Brand
Eyebrow Pre-Drawing Pencil
Quantity Discounts Apply!
Light Brown, Dark Brown, Grey & Black with self sharpening string.

Select colour required

Foot Switch - For Bella Dragon BM8 Machine

CODE: Bella:FootS-BD

$35.00   $29.50
In stock
This Foot Switch is a 'must have' unit for Bella BM8 Rotary Pen Machines.

Mannequin Masks & Head

CODE: Bella:BBP-10:PracHead

$120.00   $75.00
In stock
Mannequin Masks & Head are ideal for student training.

Pigment Pot Holder (acrylic 1)


$22.00   $15.00
In stock
Pigment Pot Holder (acrylic 1) Holds 3 small, 3 Small-Medium & 3 Medium Pigments pots, these are the classiest pigment cup holders that we have come across, made from a solid block of clear acrylic they are almost a shelf ornament!

Pigment Pot Holder (acrylic 2)


$15.00   $9.50
In stock
Pigment Pot Holder (acrylic 2) Holds 4 small and 4 Medium Pigments pots

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