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Date added: 07/06/2017 Trial: Flat Rate Shipping

Shipping charges at CTshop.com.au include the following costs that we incur;

Packaging - includes boxes, tapes, internal padding (bubble wraps, paper, internal boxes for small items etc). We tend to over package all orders to protect the products in the mail as parcels may be abused depending on the care of your local delivery man.

Postage - The postal cost is calculated at checkout based on the weight of items in the cart and the destination post code and the type of postage chosen e.g. standard postage or express.

Extras (if selected) - Signature, Insurance etc

Time - This involves the preparation of orders at varying times of the day and night to carefully pick, pack and dispatch each order as quickly as possible.

When taking all of the above costs into consideration and customer purchase patterns we have decided to introduce a Shipping Trial Period subsidising flat rate shipping for all our customers and rewarding customers for placing larger orders. During the 60 day trial period the following shipping options will be available at the checkout;

*Australian Shipping Address

Flat Rate: Regular Parcel (Including Insurance) - $15.50
Orders Over $500 Free Regular Shipping

Flat Rate: Express Parcel (Including Insurance Signature Not Required) - $20.00

Flat Rate: Express Parcel (Including Insurance Signature Required) - $23.00

*International Shipping Address

Flat Rate: Regular Parcel International (Including Insurance Signature Required) - $37.50  (below 5kg)
Orders Over $500 Free Shipping (below 5kg)

Flat Rate: Express Parcel International (Including Insurance Signature Required) - $55.00 (below 5kg)

At the end of the trail period we may decide to extend the offer if it is viable to do so and customers have made good use of the subsidised shipping offer.

We hope you enjoy our new Flat Rate Shipping Options.

Kind Regards


*Please Note

  • Unfortunately due to contractual restrictions imposed by the manufacturer we are unable to ship Amiea products outside of Australia (a few exceptions apply to our students), if you are placing an order for amiea products please ensure that you have an Australian shipping address for your order, all our other products can be shipped internationally.
  • Free shipping threshold is calculated on the combined value of products in the cart after any discounts have been applied and before shipping costs.
  • Orders with a shipping weight over 5kg to international addresses incur additional weight costs as detailed at the checkout.
Date added: 24/02/2017 CTshop Official Distributor For Tina Davies Professional Range
CTshop Official Distributor for Australia

Press Release: Its official CTshop is proud to announce that we are now Australian distributor of Tina Davies Professional MicroBlading supplies, our customers know that we rigorously evaluate all products for compliance and quality prior to stocking at CTshop so you can be sure that our products are the best available. Tina has created an excellent small range of premium quality microblading tools and CTshop have one our best to provide our Australian customers access to the range at affordable prices coupled with the convenience of our efficient local ordering and dispatch.

If you are used to using the standard range of microblading supplies then you might not yet recognise the immense difference in quality and improvement in outcomes that can be achieved by spending a few extra dollars on premium equipment either from our Premium Generic Range or from the Tina Davies Harmony Range, the cost of using premium quality microblade supplies is comparable to the cost of a high quality machine cartridge and the difference in quality is similar to the difference between the older style rotary pens and a modern digital machine.

If you have not tried Tina Davies Harmony MicroBlading range yet then why not try the sample pack and see for yourself, one you do I am sure you will not want to go back to standard range again.

Try them for yourself and see what a difference it can make.

The Tina Davies Professional Range

Get Harmony 9 Classic Get Harmony 14 Curved Get Angie Practice Pads

Get All 3 - Harmony Sample Pack

Get All 3 - Harmony Sample Pack
Get Harmony 14U


Date added: 14/02/2017 Plagiarism

We have had some problems again with another supplier plagiarising our customer advisories, it is very unfortunate that there are suppliers that lack the qualifications, knowledge and experience to produce professional information for micropigmentation technicians such that they are desperate enough to copy and paste or paraphrase the intellectual property of a genuine industry expert.

If you see our anaesthetic advisory or a half baked version of any of our other customer information or educational articles being reproduced somewhere else then you will know where they stole the information from (sad huh!).

Does the Industry really need these kinds of people, what purpose do they serve?

Why would you purchase equipment from a service that has to steal our information just to get your attention when you can come direct to the source of knowledge right here!

We actually have the knowledge, qualifications and experience so you can be confident dealing with us.

Date added: 06/12/2016 Festive Season Shipping Restrictions

All customers please note that to enable CTshop staff to spend time with their loved ones during the Christmas new year period the following will apply.

Between the dates 21/12/2016 - 04/01/2017 restrictions will apply to all orders;

  • Local pickup will not be available
  • Payment can be made via Credit card or PayPal only
  • Orders can be placed as per usual but orders will not be shipped until after the 05/01/2017

Please ensure that you place your orders for any essential supplies prior to the 20/12/2016 to avoid any inconveniences during the above period.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Kind Regards,

Date added: 22/09/2016 Looking for MicroBlading Supplies?
Are you looking for MicroBlading Supplies?

CTshop.com.au is Australia's leading supplier of MicroBlading products and your local experts.

MicroBlading Supplies

Click here for General MicroBlading Products

Click here for MicroBlading Needles & Hand Pieces

Click here for MicroBlading Pigments

Click here for MicroBlade Training

MicroBlading Articles

Regulatory Issues : MicroBlading

MicroBlading - First Things First

Cosmetic Tattoo Training Standards

Expert Training & Supplies:

Date added: 11/04/2016 Server Maintenance Is Being Performed

We are currently having some server maintenance performed and the site may be unavailable or not fully functional for short periods of time while testing is conducted.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience CTshop will be back to normal shortly.

Date added: 12/03/2016 Are You Thinking About Purchasing Second Hand Equipment?

If you are considering purchasing second hand equipment, or equipment from a supplier who is not an authorised agent for the manufacturer or you are just unsure about the supplier.

Be aware that there are some unscrupulous people who may provide you false information about the equipment, may try to sell you fake or replica equipment and it is possible the device may have become damaged or contaminated during use due to the use of fake accessories or needle cartridges.

For this reason we generally advise against the purchase of second hand devices but if you are determined to purchase second hand or from any supplier that you are unsure about then to help to protect yourself against unscrupulous people we suggest that you ask the seller to complete the sellers declaration on the form below.

If the seller refuses to complete the document then you can safely assume that something is up.

NB. This document was not prepared by a lawyer and is supplied on an 'as is' basis no liability accepted for use.

Licence for Use: the document is released by us on a Creative Commons 4.0 licence, you are permitted to use, print, modify or share for non commercial use,
you are not permitted to sell or claim copyright ownership of the document.

Cosmetic Tattoo Equipment - Sellers Declaration

Date added: 18/02/2016 MicroBlading - First Things First

If you provide microblading services or if you are considering providing the service our article below is a must read;


Date added: 20/01/2016 New Facebook News Group for Prospective Students
If you are considering a career in cosmetic tattooing the Facebook newsgroup below may provide you some valuable information an assist you to avoid the pitfalls.


Date added: 01/07/2015 Fake Equipment Suppliers

It has come to our attention that suppliers of fake/replica cosmetic tattoo equipment in/to Australia are providing false and misleading information about the products that they supply and making false claims about the relationship of their replica products to the genuine brands.


Amiea devices are manufactured in Berlin Germany under European manufacturing standards, the company has international patents on their inventions that protect their exclusive rights. Some fake equipment manufacturers (often based in Asia) have copied external appearance of some devices and released them into the market place in the hope of misleading consumers into believing their devices are the same as those they are copying. For example unfortunately some of the Nouveau Contour product lines have been imitated by replica manufacturers, consumers need to be aware that even though these devices may look similar they are not manufactured to the same standards or quality as the genuine devices.

One of the major concerns about the fake equipment is the sterility of the consumable supplies, if a manufacturer and or their suppliers are prepared to infringe on the patents of the legitimate manufacturers and to deceive consumers about their products then it raises obvious questions about their ethics and if their representations about sterility can be believed.

It has also been demonstrated that some of the fake needle chambers being sold are potential causes of cross infection due to backflow into the hand piece due to poorly manufactured internal membranes.

Examples of False Claims Being Made

  • The fake devices are genuine
  • The fake devices are manufactured in the same factory
  • All the genuine devices are manufactured in China too

Consumer Law

Making these types of false and misleading claims to consumers is a serious breach of Australian consumer law and suppliers may be subject to prosecution and heavy fines. In addition to state trading laws The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 has specific provisions for this type of deceptive conduct by traders.

Your Rights

You should not tolerate being lied to or duped by rogue suppliers if you believe that you have been sold fake equipment and or provided false and misleading information by fake equipment suppliers then we encourage you to seek advice from your state consumer protection agencies.

In addition we will be monitoring the situation in relation to our product lines and will not hesitate to involve the ACCC if we believe it is appropriate to do so.

Our Advice

Avoid dealing with fake equipment suppliers their only objective is to take your money with little regard for ethics or safety.


Exchange Rates

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