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Date added: 30/04/2021 New Pigment Regulations Proposed for QLD

The state of Queensland Australia is in consultation regarding the introduction of new pigment regulations that will place obligations on suppliers & end users (Cosmetic Tattooists) of cosmetic tattoo pigments.

The proposed regulations are similar but not identical to the new EU pigment standards and it is possible that other Australian states may introduce the same or similar regulations at some stage.

Based upon preliminary enquiries it appeared that if/when the regulatory standards are introduced Cosmetic Tattooists may have to comply with the regulations related to the use of pigments they purchase if there is any possibility that they may be used in QLD or face penalties for non-compliance and compliance officers will be checking. We encourage all Cosmetic Tattooists to familiarise themselves with any proposed draft legislation if it applies to their business.

Update: 21/05/2021

QLD announced that they have decided to withdraw the proposed amendments while they continue discussions with the industry.

See ABC News Report

Date added: 20/04/2021 Amiea Product Shortages
Customers Please Note

Due to COVID-19 supply chain interruptions affecting the manufacturer there are shortages of many product lines which may result in products being out of stock and longer than usual wait times for fulfilment of any Pre-Orders that you may place with us.

This situation may cause product shortages for several months and is completely outside of our control, we will endeavor to make products available as soon as possible, thank you for your understanding during this challenging period.


Date added: 01/06/2020 Shipping Delays

All customers please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols AusPost advises that longer than usual shipping times may apply to some deliveries and AusPost has temporarily suspended all their shipping time frame guarantees both locally and internationally.

International Orders: Please be aware that until further notice any international order is shipped without any shipping time frame guarantees customers placing international orders do so accepting the risk that their order may be delayed up to 90 days in the event of flight delays on the part of the carrier and CTshop will not provide refunds or insurance requests unless 90 days have passed after dispatch of the order.

In addition it is not possible to ship to some international destinations due to suspension of postal and courier services to some countries, if you wish to place an order for shipping to an address outside of mainland Australia please check the AusPost International Updates page on this link prior to placing the order to ensure that shipping is possible to your location and that you are prepared to wait the average time frame listed for the shipping destination for your chosen shipping method. E.g. if AusPost lists 5-10 business days to a location that means a minimum of 1-2 weeks to reach the destination country plus the time required for your local customs clearance which may cause significant delays in the destination country.

Therefore we now recommend that all customers maintain a minimum of 90-120 days worth of essential stock at all times to avoid any inconveniences due to shipping delays.

Date added: 25/10/2018 Health & Safety Advice

On an ad-hoc basis some of our previous students and long term customers contact us occasionally requesting advice in relation to clients with specific health related issues where there may be doubt on their part if medical advice should be sought from the clients treating doctors in relation a proposed cosmetic tattoo service, generally we prefer to err on the side of caution.

We wish to advise all current & previous students and shop customers that if cosmetic tattoo pigments sourced from another supplier are intended to be used for any part of your client service we are unable to provide any advice or support in relation to specific questions related to the risks or safety of your client services.

Q: Why is this?

There now are numerous importers and suppliers of pigments in the market place, many of whom are not registered with our chemicals regulator, some have no evidence of auditing for compliance with Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS) or the Poisons Standard, some do not disclose the full ingredients list of the pigment, and random testing by the regulators has shown that in some instances the labelled ingredients do not match the actual ingredients in the bottle.

There are now a sizable number of documented cases of severe adverse health reactions to some of the ingredients contained within tattoo pigments that are still available in the market place and very few manufacturers that we are aware of are currently in compliance with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) proposed restrictions list.

Q: If I decide to experiment with other brands of cosmetic tattoo pigment where should I get advice related to my client?

We need to stress that if you are experimenting with other pigment brands sourced from other suppliers we are unable provide any specific health and safety advice to you, effective immediately if you contact us for advice we will be asking about and documenting the brand of pigment being used for the service.

The vast majority of local pigment suppliers do not have a registered health professional on staff therefore any health advice provided will be unqualified (of little or no value), therefore your only option is to refer any and all questions you may have related to your clients medications and health related disclosures to the clients treating doctors.

As you can appreciate it is not possible for us to offer any advice in relation to the safety of pigments sourced from third parties when we have not subjected the product to our own internal auditing and compliance checking. We believe that some of the adverse health events taking place due to pigment ingredient experimentation may ultimately lead to significant legal claims particularly in instances where the pigment is not in compliance.

Thank you for your understanding.


Date added: 05/10/2018 Fitzpatrick's Skin Types

Fitzpatrick’s Skin Phototypes

The late Thomas B. Fitzpatrick (19/12/1919 - 16/08/2003) a world renowned Dermatologist was the founding Author of Fitzpatrick’s Colour Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology, he is credited with many significant achievements in the advancement of the field of  Dermatology; the melanosome and tyrosinase, the epidermal melanin unit, skin phototypes, melanoma, PUVA photochemotherapy, sun protection factors, vitiligo, and many others.

Outside of the medical fraternity Dr. Fitzpatrick is probably best known for his Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classification Scale which provides an objective assessment of the human skin; its colour (melanin) saturation, genetic predisposition, and skin reactions to ultraviolet light. Your clients Fitzpatrick Skin Type provides an indication of their possible reaction to sun exposure, predisposition towards skin cancers and it also provides an indication of the extent that their natural skin colour may influence the final colour of your cosmetic tattooing.


Fitzpatrick’s Skin Phototypes
Phototype Score Your Sunburn & Tanning History Skin
Phototype Example
I 0-6 Burn easily, never tan  
II 7-13 Burn easily, tan minimally with difficulty  
III 14-20 Burn moderately, tan moderately and uniformly  
IV 21-27 Burn minimally, tan moderately and easily  
V 28-34 Rarely burn, tan profusely  
VI 35+ Never burn, tan profusely  

You can determine your Fitzpatrick Skin Type and Phototype by completing the questionnaire below, some simple calculations are required to interpret the result and provide your Fitzpatrick skin type, the interactive form below does the calculations automatically and also provides some comments that will assist you to interpret the questionnaire results that are specific to cosmetic tattooing, you are also able to print your result if you wish to do so.


Questions to Determine Your Fitzpatrick Skin Type
Questions Genetic Disposition
Score 0 1 2 3 4
What is the colour of your eyes? Light blue, grey, or green Blue, grey, or green Blue Dark Brown Brownish Black
What is the natural colour of your hair? Sandy red Blond Chestnut/dark blond Dark brown Black
What is the colour of your skin?
(non exposed areas e.g. buttocks)
Reddish Very pale Pale with beige tint Light brown Dark brown
Do you have freckles on unexposed areas? Many Several Few Incidental None
Questions Reaction to sun exposure
What happens when you stay in the sun too long? Painful redness, blistering, peeling Blistering followed by peeling Burns sometimes followed by peeling Rare burns Never had burns
To what degree do you turn brown? Hardly or not at all Light colour tan Reasonable tan Tan very easy Turn dark brown quickly
Do you turn brown within several hours after sun exposure? Never Seldom Sometimes Often Always
How does your face react to the sun? Very sensitive Sensitive Normal Very resistant Never had a problem
Questions Tanning habits
When did you last expose your body to sun (or artificial sunlamp/tanning cream)? More than 3 months ago 2-3 months ago 1-2 months ago Less than a month ago Less than 2 weeks ago
Did you expose the area to be treated to the sun? Never Hardly ever Sometimes Often Always
Your FST Score:

Your Fitzpatrick Skin Type is:


WebForm Copyright: 2007-2018 © CosmeticTattooist.com

NB. If you wish to print the table with the phototype colour swatch you need to adjust the page settings in your browser to print including background colours and images.

It is not uncommon for pigment manufacturers and cosmetic tattoo trainers to quote Fitzpatrick skin types within product literature and training programs but it is important to be aware of the limitations of Fitzpatrick skin types (in terms of its influence on the final healed colour results after cosmetic tattooing) because sometimes there is an overemphasis placed upon the Fitzpatrick Skin Type value in assisting with pigment colour selection, our Pigment Colour Selection Interactive provides the best guide for pigment selection.

Primarily a Fitzpatrick skin type provides a cosmetic tattooist 2 pieces of information that is relative to our work;

  1. An objective assessment of melanin saturation (how much melanin is in the skin, higher levels of melanin will have a more profound effect on the final healed colour of a tattoo).
  2. An indication of which skin types are more likely to have a predisposition towards hyperreactive melanocytes (particularly Types IV - VI) which might result in hyper-pigmentary complications post tattooing.

I stress again that it is important to keep in mind that a Fitzpatrick skin type is a guide towards melanin saturation it is not actually an assessment of skin hue, as mentioned previously melanin can add yellow, reddish, brown, black, and even blue or grey hues to the skin and sometimes brown hues may even have a blue-greenish tinge. For this reason part of your assessment of the clients skin colour should also include establishing what the dominant hue is because it will assist you in achieving more predictable outcomes. If you are having difficulty deciding what the dominant skin hue is for your client then a comparison to white (e.g. a sheet of white paper) or a comparison to the primary and secondary colours can sometimes help you decide which colour is most dominant in their skin.

Click here for further reading on this topic.

Date added: 17/09/2018 See Our Hand Piece Compatability Guide

Lots of Cosmetic Tattoo Technicians have contacted us asking advice about hand piece compatibility with their existing base stations, there is no question that we have more experience in this area than any other supplier, even if own an mt.derm manufactured base station purchased from another supplier the chances are that we can supply a hand piece that may be compatible with your existing device.

Why deal with a less informed onseller brands when you can deal direct with the manufacturers exclusive Australian distributor for Amiea.

Click here to view our quick reference hand piece compatibility guide.

Date added: 06/07/2018 Is Your Pigment Supplier Complying With the Law?

Did you know that:

"Chemicals used in tattoo and PMU inks are classified as industrial chemicals in Australia. Their introduction is subject to the same requirements as any other industrial chemical under the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989"

Importers and suppliers of cosmetic tattoo pigments are required to be registered and to comply with a range of Australian laws yet there appears to be numerous unregistered parties importing and supplying cosmetic tattoo pigments.

You can rest assured that our amiea pigments have been audited for compliance. 
Click here if you would like to read more on this topic.

Date added: 25/05/2018 Privacy Policy Update
CTshop.com.au / CosmeticTattooist.com

Our Privacy Policy has been updated to ensure compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”), please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
Date added: 11/05/2018 Amiea Digital Machines Side by Side Comparison
Are you confused about which machine is right for you?

Our side by side breakdown on all the Amiea digital machines will help you decide which is the best choice for you;

Click here to view our side by side comparison of Amiea Digital Machines

Date added: 04/09/2017 Face Masks for Cosmetic Tattooing

We have had a number of enquiries from technicians about which types of face masks are most suitable for use by the majority of Cosmetic Tattooists and requests for our opinion if the transparent mouth shields (partial shields) that have recently found their way into the market place are suitable PPE for skin penetration / cosmetic tattooing services, hopefully this publication will clarify the situation.

The Standards

In December 2015, Standards Australia published AS 4381: 20151 which is an updated version of the standard for single-use face masks for use in health care, the new standard is intended to harmonise with the North American standard ASTM F2100-11 and European standard (EN) 14683. Products which are supplied in Australia need to comply with AS 4381: 2015 if they purport to provide the protections described within the standard.

Level of Protection

Manufacturers of surgical face masks may describe their products as having Level 1-3 protection depending on the Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE), Particulate Filtration (PF), Differential Pressure (DP), and Fluid Resistance (FR). Broadly speaking we can describe the 3 levels as per the following;

Level 1 - BFE ≥ 95% (0.1μm), DP < 4.0 mm H2O/cm2, PF (N/A), FR 80mm Hg
e.g. For general purpose procedures, where the wearer is not at risk of blood or bodily fluid droplet or splash.

Level 2 - BFE ≥ 98% (0.1μm), DP < 5.0 mm H2O/cm2, PF (N/A), FR 120mm Hg
e.g. For procedures where minimal blood droplet exposure may possibly occur.

Level 3 - BFE ≥ 98% (0.1μm), DP < 5.0 mm H2O/cm2, PF (N/A), FR 160mm Hg
Procedures where there is a risk of blood or bodily fluid splash.

Over time the use of a surgical facemask by healthcare workers has changed focus away from protection of the patient and towards the protection of the healthcare staff 2,3, depending on the type the modern use of surgical face marks may help to protect both the cosmetic tattoo technician and the client from a number of risks, the examples below illustrate how different types of risk can be managed with different levels of mask protection;

  • Risk of transmission of minor respiratory infections from the client to the technician - e.g. Level 1 Mask.
  • Risk of minor respiratory infections from the technician to the client - e.g. Level 2 Mask (higher Differential Pressure for coughing/sneezing etc).
  • Risk of transmission BBCD from client to technician via minimal blood droplet exposure (adequate for most cosmetic tattoo services) - e.g. Level 2 Mask (higher Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and Fluid Resistance).
  • Risk of transmission BBCD from client to technician via minimal blood splash exposure (cosmetic tattoo services with some machine types e.g. coils4) - e.g. Level 3 Mask (higher Fluid Resistance).

You can see from the above that the protection provided by the use of surgical face masks is largely dependant upon the filtration capacity and fluid resistance of the mask and the selection of protection level is dependant on the type of procedure and risk assessment of the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are transparent mouth shields a suitable alternative to disposable surgical face masks for cosmetic tattoo services?

A: We do not recommend the use of Transparent Mouth Shield's (TMS) in place of disposable surgical face masks for the following reasons;

  1. Most TMS products that we have encountered appear to focus on the fashionability, comfort, anti-fog and ease of use characteristics rather than the primary purpose of a surgical mask i.e. bacterial filtration and fluid resistance.
  2. We have not seen a TMS product that states it is in compliance with AS 4381: 2015.
  3. We have not seen any TMS product that has approvals or exemptions from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.
  4. Most TMS products are promoting re-use (increases risk of fomite mediated cross contamination).
  5. We have seen no credible evidence that a TMS product affords the same level of protection as a surgical face mask that is compliant with AS 4381: 2015.

Transparent Mouth Sheilds
Not Compliant with AS 4381: 2015

NB. Transparent mouth shield's should not be confused / compared with with full face shields which are sometimes used in high risk procedures in conjunction with Level 3 surgical face masks.

What type of mask do the experts in disease control recommend?

A: The closest occupation where expert disease control advice is available for the use of personal protective equipment is from within the health care sector, cosmetic tattoo services have similar risks as the risks to health care workers during wound care and skin penetration procedures. The USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide the following succinct information for the selection and use of face masks;

CDC: "Masks should fully cover the nose and mouth and prevent fluid penetration. Masks should fit snugly over the nose and mouth. For this reason, masks that have a flexible nose piece and can be secured to the head with string ties or elastic are preferable."

Incorrect Use of a Face Mask
Incorrect use of a facemask
Incorrect Use Defeats the Purpose of Use

Which type of mask is most suitable for cosmetic tattoo services?

A: This depends on the type of equipment being used, in most circumstances a Level 2 Mask is probably adequate but some equipment may expose the technician to greater risk of splashes of blood and bodily fluids in which case a Level 3 mask or N95 respirator (if aerosol particles are suspected). Regardless of your assessment of the risk for your procedures and the Level of mask that you chose it is important that the mask complies with AS 4381: 2015


  1. Single-use face masks for use in health care AS 4381: 2015
  2. Allyson Lipp. The effectiveness of surgical face masks: what the literature shows. Nursing Times 30 September 2003 Vol 99 No 39
  3. D.R. Darby RN - Australian Registered Health Practitioner & A.J. Darby CMI, Master Medical Tattooist. Personal Protective Equipment - Are You Covered? CosmeticTattoo.org Educational Articles 21/01/2014
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  5. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Guidance for the Selection and Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Healthcare Settings.

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