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Cosmetic Tattoo & Tattoo Removal Pricing

Procedures Available

Contact me to discuss your personal needs and the cost of the associated procedure. Yes Seniors Cards are welcome!

The cost for Cosmetic Tattooing depends on what treatment you have but starts at just $100 for a beauty spot, the cost of other procedures vary depending on your requirements.

The cost can be paid in two payments one at the time of the initial treatment and the next at the time of your perfecting session, or if you pay in full at the time of the first appointment you may be eligible for a discount.
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If third or subsequent makeup tattooing perfecting treatments are requested (within 12 weeks of the last procedure) a fee of $160 is charged to cover the cost of equipment & consumable supplies (regardless of the reason).

If an additional treatment is requested longer than 12 weeks after the last treatment or if a significant change is requested the cost of the service will be charged at the same price as the first treatment price (regardless of the reason).

Clients who require extensive consultations and or procedures that are time intensive beyond a standard appointment may be charged extra according to the addition time and complexity of service provided.

Further details of prices can be obtained after a free consultation to discuss your needs, or simply by contacting me.


If shopping around: Always insist on seeing a salons local health authority current certificate of registration for 'Skin Penetration Procedures' / 'Tattooing'.

Q: Why are some service providers charging very low fees for services?

A: In some instances very low prices may be due to an inexperienced or low quality service provider who is desperate for clients, on in other circumstances it may be that the service provider is cutting corners on hygiene standards or the quality of equipment, disposables and pigments. Click here to see the standards you should demand.

NB. I have been seeing an increasing number of clients requesting corrections of substandard work please be cautious in your selection of  a Cosmetic Tattooist because a cheap substandard procedure can end up being very expensive and sometimes cannot be rectified.

Q: Will you travel to me to provide a cosmetic tattooing service?

A: No, because Mobile Tattooing is a serious breach of
Victorian Government Health Guidelines - Section 1.8

Why take a unnecessary risk with hygiene and your health?

Your face is one of your most important assets, a careful unhurried approach when applying your cosmetic tattoo is always preferable to a hurried or cheap substandard procedure.

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  Eye Liner Top and Bottom
  Eye Liner Top or Bottom
  Lash Enhancement
  Advanced Eyebrows
  Lip Line
  Lip Line & Blend
  Full Lip
  Beauty Spot

   Para-Medical Tattooing

With Cosmetic Tattooing occasionally only one procedure is required, most often two procedures are required, and occasionally three procedures are required. For this reason I believe that charging separately for each procedure is the fairest method for clients, that way you only pay for what you need. Retouches of past procedures are charged at the cost of a 1st Visit. All prices are subject to change without prior notification.

A booking fee may be required prior to your first appointment which is credited to the cost of your procedure, full payment is expected in cash either prior to or at the time of each procedure, please ask if you would like to discuss another payment option.
Please ensure that you give at least 24 hours notice of any cancellation or rescheduling to preserve your booking fee.



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