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Andrea Darby International Master Trainer

Andrea Darby - Master Trainer at Permanent International Congress Berlin 2012

In addition to my own qualifications and experience I consider it essential to consult with multidisciplinary experts to ensure that I am constantly improving the quality of services and providing clients services that are industry "Best Practice". Below is a small sample of the international experts who I have a direct relationship with and can contact as and when required for expert advice about matters within their field of expertise.


A Small Sample of the Quality of Our Expert Advisors
(In Alphabetical Order)

Michael Beckenstein
M.D. F.A.C.S.

Dr. Beckenstein
is a leading Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon based in Alabama USA.

Dr. Beckenstein completed his internship and general surgical training in 1992 at Saint Barnabas Medical Centre in Livingston, New Jersey, where he was awarded the Herbert Schulte Award for clinical excellence.

To obtain expertise in the fields of breast and aesthetic surgery, Dr. Beckenstein completed a fellowship at the Breast Reconstruction Foundation under Dr. Carl Hartrampf, Jr., in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Hartrampf is the developer and worlds leading authority on the of the TRAM flap for Breast reconstruction.

Dr. Beckenstein is the recipient of numerous awards for excellence in patient care, a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a researcher and published author of clinical texts and studies relating to breast, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery. I consider Dr. Beckenstein to be one of the worlds foremost experts in plastic and reconstructive surgery particularly in relation to the specialised areas of hair transplant surgery and breast surgery.

I had the immense pleasure of providing medical tattoo training services to Dr. Beckenstein and his clinical/surgical team in September of 2014, Click here to read Dr. Beckenstein's comments about my Medical Tattoo training services.

After seeing first hand the outcomes of reconstructive procedures in several countries I can say without hesitation that the standard of patient outcomes being achieved by Dr. Beckenstein and his team are extraordinary and in some cases ground breaking. I recommend Dr. Beckenstein to any woman wanting the very best breast reconstruction available. To read more about Dr. Beckenstein click here.

I am honoured to have Dr. Beckenstein as one of my international experts advisors.

Dr. Linda Dixon

Dr. Linda Dixon is the President of the American Academy of Micropigmentation, an Eminent Member of and the matriarch of contemporary Cosmetic & Medical Tattooing.

Dr. Dixon is recognised internationally as a leading practitioner and educator in the field of Micro-Pigmentation, the innovator of new techniques and equipment development, most professionals in the industry would be using at least some "Dixon Techniques".

In June 2013 I had the immense pleasure of spending one on one time working with Linda in Hawaii Collaborating and Consulting with her in relation to her new developments & techniques I am privileged to consider Linda as a friend and a key member of my International Expert Advisory Network.

Mr. Jörn Kluge

Jörn is the President & CEO of MT.Derm in Germany the worlds leading manufacturer of Micropigmentation devices and equipment, Jörn is also CEO of Amiea the flagship brand that is at the cutting edge of technology Jörn holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and is the inventor of numerous granted patents in the field of Micropigmentation.

I regard Jörn to be the unparalleled leading international expert in the field of Micropigmentation and an invaluable resource as well as being the head of our global partnership network. I am privileged to be able to consult with Jörn when expert information is required.

Mr. Dirk Lewe

Dirk is an Analytical Chemist & Head of Laboratory at MT.Derm and Amiea, Dirk trained in Biochemistry at the Technical University of Berlin, afterwards he made some progression towards earning his PhD focusing on treatment of Hepatitis C before leaving his studies to become head of the Lab at MT.Derm.

I have had some invigorating and informative discussions with Dirk relating to the manufacture of pigments and the MESO Vytal products. I consider Dirk to be a leading expert in the biochemistry of tattoo pigments and it is a privilege to be able to converse with him on the science behind the product manufacture.

I am currently working with Dirk to fine tune some new formulations for Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation Tattooing™ creating pigment blends to improve the quality of results for our clients and to provide superior products for our SHFST™ course graduates.

Mrs. Rita Parente

Rita Parente is a beautician, and an expert in Medical Makeup Camouflage and Micropigmentation and is Technical Manager of Ripar Cosmetici S.r.l. a leading Italian company based in Campania Italy. Ripar has a broad range of services including plastic, reconstructive, cosmetic and vascular surgery, day spa, beauty therapy and a comprehensive training school for Beauty Therapy and Medical Camouflage Makeup.

Ripar also produce an extensive range of beauty and wellness products including the incredible RiparCover Camouflage Makeup.

Rita is head of the Ripar Training division the School Rita Parente which has obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, a sign of the high quality standard and compliance of its training programmes.

Rita is Italy's Master Trainer and I am honoured to have received one on one training in Medical Camouflage Makeup with the leading expert in the field. I can think of no person internationally who I would prefer to consult with in relation to Medical Camouflage.

Dr. Henrik Petersen

Henrik holds a PhD in Chemistry from Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Science Potsdam in Germany, Henrik's doctoral thesis was “Interaction between cationic starch and other polyelectrolytes in fiber suspensions and their influence on the paper properties”.

Henrik now holds a position as chemist at MT.Derm and he is actively involved in the development of new tattoo pigments. I have thoroughly enjoyed discussing the exciting work that Henrik and Dirk are engaged in attempting to completely redefine the structure and characteristics of tattoo pigments to produce the next generation of longer life products.

I am very privileged to be able to contact highly qualified experts like Dirk and Henrik for information about the technical and scientific side of the industry.

Dr. Laura Piombino

Laura is an accredited specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and Food Science and she runs a busy cosmetic medicine practice in Caserta Italy. Laura is also a member of the scientific committee for Ripar Cosmetici and an executive member of the Ripar team.

I had the immense pleasure of spending time with Laura in Berlin and Italy and found her to be a wealth of knowledge in Cosmetic Medicine and I regard Laura to be an invaluable resource for all matters relating to Medical Aesthetics.

Dr. Michael Serafin

Dr. Michael Serafin has a B.Pharm (Hon) & PhD and is a compound specialist, I have consulted Michael on several occasions regarding topical and eutectic preparations relating to cosmetic tattooing. I consider Michael to be a highly skilled expert who is generous with his knowledge within his field of expertise.

Dr. Alicia Teska

Dr. Alicia Teska is a Cosmetic Physician in Melbourne Victoria Australia and holds a certification in Dermatology, I have consulted with and referred numerous clients to Dr. Teska due to her extensive experience and expertise in the field of cosmetic medicine.

Many clients come to us seeking assistance due to unsatisfactory cosmetic tattoo services that have been provided elsewhere, in some of those circumstances the assistance that the client requires is outside of my field of expertise and it is comforting to know that I am able to discus the case and refer the client to Alicia at the Skin Temple if required.

If you would like to become part of my International Expert Advisory Network or if you would like me to become one of your expert advisors please contact me to discuss your proposal.

Kind Regards                       


Andrea Darby
International Master Trainer:
Cosmetic & Medical Tattooist
Medical Camouflage Makeup Specialist

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