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Corrective Cosmetic Tattooing

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If you have had prior Permanent Makeup that has faded, changed colour, or if you have had substandard work that requires rectification I may be able to help you.

Regrettably I am receiving an increasing number of enquiries for Corrective Cosmetic Tattooing for work that has been done overseas or by other technicians here in Australia. If you find yourself in this situation then my policy for corrective work may be of interest to you;

1) I will tell you honestly on your first consultation if I believe I am able to help, what the options are, and likely outcomes. If I am unable to offer a suitable option then there will be no charge for the consultation and if consider it appropriate I will refer you to an alternative type of service provider.

2) As with all my clients your consultation will remain strictly confidential, I will not discuss your consultation with any other party without your consent and that includes your previous treatment providers.

3) Your photographs will not be shown to any other party without your signed consent.

4) You may openly discuss any concerns that you may have in relation to your previous treatments obtained elsewhere and I will give a confidential unbiased opinion but I am unable to participate in any disputes between yourself and other service providers.

5) I will not pressure you to make a quick decision and I encourage you to consider and reach your own conclusions about any corrective options that may be available.

6) All bookings are strictly by appointment, that way I am able to dedicate the time to each client to provide a truly personalised cosmetic tattooing service. I want all my clients to feel comfortable, safe and happy with the finished result of their chosen procedure without feeling hurried or rushed.

7) All corrective tattooing is provided on the basis of that it is an "attempt" to improve the prior undesirable cosmetic tattoo work and final results are rarely as good as they would have been if the tattooing was conducted properly in the first instance. Corrective tattooing will often require several treatments (average 3) and no guarantees can be made about the final outcome.

8) Often it is more difficult and more time consuming to provide corrective services than it would have been to perform the initial tattooing, for that reason there is a limit to how much corrective work  am able to take on and I am unable offer discounts for corrective tattoo services.

9) I request details & maintain a record of the original treatment providers for all corrective work as a precaution in case the information is required by health authorities in the unfortunate circumstances that a substandard service provider causes a cluster of cross infections among their clients.

If you have a had a bad experience elsewhere then I fully understand the anxiety that it can cause particularly when considering further treatments. If you are looking for a Cosmetic Tattooist for corrective work then here are a few tips that should help you.

  • The salon should be registered with their local health authority with approvals specifically for cosmetic tattooing services. Click here for an example of what to expect from a properly registered salon.

  • Your preference should be for a salon that specialises in Cosmetic Tattooing rather than it being a sideline to other services.

  • Your preference should be for a service that uses sterile medical grade supplies (e.g. sterile gloves, surgical face masks, and sterile dressing packs etc) for your procedure rather than just the minimum standard of clean gloves and gauze etc as would be used by a body art tattooist.

  • Your preference should be for a Cosmetic Tattooist who has completed advanced and paramedical courses and can demonstrate to you a thorough knowledge of the services they provide.

  • Ideally your preference should be for a Cosmetic Tattooist who offers training services and is certified as a trainer and assessor with the state Registrations and Qualifications Authority, an experienced trainer is more likely to have a broader range of experience and skills.

  • Your preference should be for a Cosmetic Tattooist using the best equipment available, at present I regard the Amiea Linelle Supreme digital machine to be the best device available.

  • Your preference should be for a Cosmetic Tattooist using only high quality needles, at present I regard the Amiea Creatip needles to be the very best available, manufactured by a company producing surgical grade needles.

  • Your preference should be for a Cosmetic Tattooist using only high quality pigments, at present I regard the German Manufactured Amiea Pigments to be the best available.

  • Your preference should be for a Cosmetic Tattooist who has a good range of (at least 50) pigment colours and can demonstrate to you a comprehensive understanding of the interaction of your skin colour, the chosen pigment colour, and the healing process. Click here for more information.

  • Avoid services that appear to be breaching health guidelines such as mobile tattooing services that may offer to come to you in your home. Mobile tattooing is a serious breach of Victorian Government Health Guidelines - Section 1.8

  • Your preference should be for a Cosmetic Tattooist who is not in a hurry and is happy for you to go home and take time to consider your treatment options if that is what you feel you need to do.

  • See my hygiene page for some details on the standard of hygiene to expect.

You can request an assessment for corrective work can be made by completing this form.

If you have more questions or would like further information please contact me.

Kind Regards                       


Andrea Darby - Para-Medical Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist

Principle Educator CT-AIVEP

For an Appointment Phone: 0423 230 740




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