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Colour selection is an important part of any Cosmetic Tattooing procedure and there are some critical assessment stages that I perform during your appointment;

  • Assessment of your dominant facial features, contours, symmetry and facial/head shape.
     - Your facial anatomy has an important bearing on the selection of the most appropriate shape for your Cosmetic Tattooing.

  • Assessment of your skin colour.
    - Your skin colour has a substantial impact on the correct selection of pigment colour and the resultant final colour of your Cosmetic Tattoo after healing. See interactive demonstration further below.

  • Selection of appropriate pigment colour.
    - The final colour achieved is a blend of your skin colour, the pigment colour and the healing process, therefore it is important to consider these factors when selecting a pigment colour. A wide selection of pigment colours is essential.

  •  Assessment of skin type, the amount of pigment to implant and the number of procedures that may be required.
    - Trying to implant too much pigment into the skin can cause tissue trauma and unwanted results such as pigment migration (pigment ending up in unwanted locations), particularly with more fragile skin types.

I carry the full range of Amiea German Manufactured Pigments.

You can be assured of a great range of colours to choose from to compliment your skin and hair colouring.

NB. If you want the ultimate in hygiene ask about our single use Amiea Monodose pigments.

Lip colour will appear very bold immediately after treatment but will reduce in intensity during the healing process.

As you can tell it is essential to select a Cosmetic Tattooist who has a genuine knowledge of how to assess these important factors prior to commencing your procedure. Also it is important for the client to understand the changes that occur to the pigment colour when it is implanted into their skin and blends with their skin colour and further changes that occur during the healing process.

There is sometimes a difference between the appearance of pigment retention vs. actual retention depending on how close the pigment colour is to the natural skin colour.

Peoples skin have a wide variety of colours particularly on the lips, below is just a small selection to give you an idea of how much skin colour can affect the final colour of your cosmetic tattoo. You will note that additional treatments will increase the % match between the final colour and the chosen pigment colour.

Have a play with the interactive demonstration below to see how these factors affect the final result of your cosmetic tattooing, pigment colours can also be mixed to provide a myriad of different shades and tones.
No other Cosmetic Tattooist worldwide has our Colour Interactive!

This interactive is intended simply as an illustration of how your skin colour can affect the final colour and not a guaranteed outcome.
        Final colour intensity will depend on the number of treatments and the amount of pigment retained after each treatment.
       You will need JavaScript enabled, if this interactive does not work for you try a more reliable browser such as Chrome or Firefox.


Click To Select a Skin Colour

 Low Pigment Skin Tones: 




 Bluish Skin Tones: 






 Carotene Skin Tones: 


 Melanin Skin Tones: 


Click To Select a Pigment Colour

 Amiea Full Lip Colours: 


 Amiea Lip Blend Colours: 


 Amiea Eyebrow Colours: 


 Amiea Eyeliner Colours: 


 Amiea Correction Colours: 


 Amiea Areola Colours: 


 Amiea Camouflage Colours: 

Skin Colour + Pigment Colour = Initial Tattoo Colour Result

Healed Colour









The percentage match to the original Pigment Colour



  Potential Colour Range 


Sometimes, particularly after lip tattooing, clients can feel taken back by the boldness of the tattoo colour, however as you can see above during the healing process the tattoo colour will reduce in intensity significantly. The final colour achieved will fall within the Range between the Initial Tattoo Colour (Immediately after the treatment) and the Healed Colour (after 4-6 weeks).

Your initial Cosmetic Tattooing should always be performed in two procedures to ensure the best results possible. It is important to remember that many factors will affect the final colour outcome and no guarantees can be given about achieving specific colour results. See my hygiene page for some details on the standard of hygiene that I provide.

Clients with dark skin tones should click here for more information.

You can also check your Fitzpatrick Skin Type by clicking here.

As you can tell with so many factors it is important to select a Cosmetic Tattooist who genuinely understands the relationship between the colour of your skin, the pigments chosen, and the healing process.

Please contact me if you would like further information. Kind Regards,                          


Andrea Darby - Specialist Cosmetic Tattooist

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